Bush craft

Enjoy games from nature!

Go out into the wild, develop useful skills and share them with friends.                                                                                                                                          .                                                                                                                                                                                             
The main forms of bush craft I teach are, advanced
 fire making, and skills in wild food foraging and cooking.
Workshops are mainly out doors ranging from 1 hour to all day,
Small or large groups of all ages are welcome. 
Direct use of knives and actual fire are optional in the workshops.
  Fire making

Fire making workshops can begin with the
famous Bow Drill fire making. A very interesting
and challenging method of making fire without
Later people can practise advanced fire making by
creating a
small fire skilfully using minimal starting
fuels. This is an opportunity for students to explore
the behaviour of fire and t
he burning characteristics
of different types of native woods. 
During the Bow Drill fire making workshops, people may have the opportunity to go into the
woods to search for and create there own new Bow Drill set. This is a good time to incorporate
the workshop with some education on wild food.
Wild food foraging.

During the process of a workshop in searching for wild food, students will first learn the
caretaking / health and
safety considerations to be practised in this activity.
Sometimes poisonous and non edible plants can look
similar (and be related) to wild food herbs.
There are cases of people I know becoming ill, due to
lack of knowledge and understanding of wild foods and
there similar looking poisonous plants.
It is advised to pick herbs away from the foot path
if one is in a common walking area.
If picking from a hedgerow, one can choose the herbs
growing at least two foot above the ground.

There is always something new and creative to learn about wild food, it doesn't have to be
just about finding green leaves. It can be about mushrooms, animals, and sea life including
mussels and limpets. There
are infinite herbal medicinal uses and wild food recipes to
explore and create!