Body Popping

New Dance Moves!

A centering and mindful dance style

Good for mind-body c0-ordination flexabilety and fun!








Body rippling, The Robot dance and Moon Walk Gliding


Workshops can range from 30 minutes to two hours, indoors or outdoors, ages 10- adult in small or large groups.
Participants benefit most with a group sharing in the origins of body popping,
continuing with steady 'body rippling' warm ups,
movement familiarisation games within the circle, paired mirroring
games and follow the leader.

The later half of the workshops can develop into a group collaboration
within the circle. Great!
Styles of body popping that participants can learn are, Body rippling, The Robot dance and Moon Walk Gliding
Dynamic teaching styles offered in the class:
  • Participants sharing of knowledge and skills
  • Practical movement and spatial awarness
  • Mind body co-ordination
  • Learning with music and dance
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal learning
  • Learning in pairs and group collaboration