Uplifting Awesome  Rhythms!

A great unifying experience, personally and socially.



Incorporating flashcards
of phonetic/visualistic sentences.

When these phonetic sentences are
chanted repetitively
they ‘interlock’
, naturally displaying a 'looped' rhythm.
Participants learn up to 4 of these as a group, chanting them
together synchronistically. This gives the participants a first
experience in a true ‘beatbox collaboration’, creating
a sense of
uplifting union from one another.
Workshops can range from 25 minutes to two hours, indoors or out doors, ages 10- adult in small or large groups.
Participants benefit most with a group sharing in the history and art of
beat boxing, continuing with an introduction to the rhythms through learning
with flash cards, personal flash card making and team working games.
The later half of the workshops become a fantastic group collaboration
where the true learning of beatboxing manifests.

Dynamic teaching styles offered in the class:
  •  Learning through music and music making
  • Mind-voice co-ordination
  • Participants sharing of knowledge and skills
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal learning
  • Learning collaboratively as a group

Beatboxing is now recognised in many mainstream music styles, particularly hip hop.
It originated from street rapping in America. Groups of people would enjoy making rap music with each other and some would beatbox to support the rhythm.