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Creative events with..
         Alarik Greenland 

Bush craft-
With the IVY Project
Almost every Wednesday in Exeter
Learn the art of fire making without
matches, all free!
(Ages 16-25)

Bush craft with Devon Wildlife
Trust group
July 9-10
Learn the art of fire making without
matches, camping and wild food all free!
(For all the family)
Creative Craft with
Exmouth College.
May 11- June 22
Learn the art of
Copper Wire Tree making 
after school on Tuesdays for
the whole term! 
(Details at college reception-
exclusive to College Members)

The Hip Hop scene with    
 Exmouth College.  
May 12 to June 23
 Breakdance, Body pop and    
Beat box after school every  
wednesday for the whole term! 
(Exclusive to College Members)

 Exmouth Festival-
 Beat box colaborations. 
 June 1 to June 3 June
 Free open Jam sessions for
 beginners and advanced.
 (In the park 1pm-3pm
   and 6pm-8pm)
Exmouth Festival
Breakdance and Beatbox.
June 04
Free tuition for keen beginners.
(2pm to 4pm)

Switch Youth Team
8th of Aug
More creative arts
with Alarik, a member
of the Switch Youth Team
in Littleham 
(Free to ages 16 - 25)
The park- 1pm to 3pm and 6pm to
8pm- beginners and advanced.