Career Profile

Brief Bio:

Born: Holland
Previous Residence: Canada and England
Current Residence: France

CV: here

1999-2004, Education (MSc & PhD): Queen's University in Canada (NMR application to biomolecules)

2005-2008, Post-Doctoral Fellow: University of Warwick in UK with a NSERC fellowship (solid-state NMR)

2008-2011, Invited Research Scientist,: CEA-Saclay in France (slow sample spinning NMR and MRI) 

2011-present, CNRS Senior Research Scientist: CEA-Saclay in France (NMR-Metabolomics) 

Research Grants and Funds:  
LabEx-TRAIL (partner 2018-2019)  :  Implant NMR
CEA-PE Bottom Up (co-PI; 2017-2018)  :  in situ NMR
ANR-PRC (PI; 2016-2019)  :  uMAS NMR
ANR-PRCI (partner; 2015-2018)  :  brain NMR
ANR-JCJC: HRMACS (PI; 2012-2015)  :  uMAS NMR

Current Role:
CNRS Researcher (CR1)

NIMBE, CEA, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, CEA Saclay 

News & Up-coming activities: