Listed below are only a few of the available pamphlets.  Please visit our Literature page for information on how to order these or other available pamphlets.

Al-Anon: You, and the Alcoholic
Al-Anon: You and the Alcoholic
Q & A basics address the most frequently asked concerns about Al-Anon and how it helps. 8 pages.
The Twelve Steps and Traditions
A pocket-sized starter guide to Al-Anon's Steps and Traditions. Also includes the "Three Obstacles to Success in Al-Anon." 24 pages.
Alcoholism, A Merry-Go-Round of Denial
An Al-Anon classic! Dramatic analogy helps family members and friends see roles they play in the lives of alcoholics. 24 pages.

What Do You Do About the Alcoholic's Drinking?
Depicts common misconceptions of family members and friends of alcoholics in trying to cope and how Al-Anon can help. 8 pages.
Alcoholism, The Family Disease
Longtime favorite includes personal stories, questions and answers, "Do's and Don'ts," "Just for Today," "Maturity Checklist," and the "Three Obstacles to Success in Al-Anon." 32 pages.
Largeprint P-4L
Sponsorship, What It's All About
Basic explanation of sponsorship provides guidance on finding a Sponsor, what to expect, and suggestions for Sponsors. 16 pages.
Freedom From Dispair
A message of hope for anyone facing alcoholism, a problem we can't solve alone. 4 pages.
Why Anonymity in Al-Anon?
Describes personal anonymity as a spiritual principle and how to respect members' confidentiality in everyday situations. 8 pages.
This is Al-Anon
Mini meeting guide includes Al-Anon's Suggested Welcome; Preamble; Serenity Prayer; Twelve Steps, Traditions, Concepts of Service; the slogans; and Closing. 12 pages.

Al-Anon Sharings from Adult Children
Lingering effects of parental alcoholism are illustrated through personal stories. Includes section on how adult children apply the Twelve Steps. 24 pages.

Purpose and Suggestions
Al-Anon's first pamphlet describes our fellowship's purpose and suggestions for applying it to improve our lives. 6 pages.

Al-Anon Spoken Here
Keeping it Al-Anon to avoid dilution of our program. Questions and answers help us maintain our focus on Al-Anon, regardless of other interests or affiliations. 8 pages.
So You Love an Alcoholic
Suggests first steps to take for a changed attitude toward the alcoholic. Unexpected answers to the question, "What shall I do?" 6 pages.

The Concepts, Al-Anon's Best-Kept Secrets?
Explains Al-Anon's third Legacy for worldwide service in an easy-to-understand manner. Illustrated. 32 pages.
Three Views of Al-Anon
Includes "An Open Letter from an Alcoholic" and other insightful essays from A.A. members on why they recommend Al-Anon to the families and friends of alcoholics. 8 pages.

Al-Anon's Twelve Traditions Illustrated
Al-Anon's second Legacy described with simplicity and humor to help us grasp the principles of the Twelve Traditions. Illustrated. 32 pages.