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  • If you or a loved one currently is or has ever struggled with any substance such as alcohol or drugs we want you to visit our club and enjoy the vast resources the Spokane Alano Club has to offer. We have a safe haven for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts to enjoy a sober life. Full Non Alcohol bar with pull tables and games. Several AA, NA and Al- Anon Meetings daily. Sober Dance Party every Saturday night and much, much more. See our Calendar Of Events below and click on the events for full details. Many of our Alano Club Members are living sober, and loving life. You can too. Loved ones of any alcoholic or Drug addict are always welcome too. We know that the life of an alcoholic or drug addict, probably caused a lot of destruction in your life, especially if you were close to that person. We have the recovery resources you need to heal and get well. Please see the Al-Anon Meeting Schedule. Become an Alano Club Member and JOIN our community. This small donation will help keep our doors open to always freely help people like us who are in need.
Please be an active participant in our Spokane Recovery Blog and post any questions or comments you may have relating to Alcoholism, Drug Addiction or even any other type of recovery and sober living in the Spokane Community topics..
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