Alan Neustadtl

I am a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I work with the Internet Scholars Program. I am also an associate editor of the journal IT & Society.  I have published many articles and two books, Money Talks and Dollars and Votes, on the issues surrounding power elites and campaign finance. 

I am also a member of the inter-university research team recently awarded a grant to study the social science aspects of terrorism.  The University of Maryland will be home to a major U.S.-sponsored social and behavioral research center dedicated to reducing worldwide terrorism. Its research will focus on areas such as how to disrupt the formation of terror networks and minimize the impact of future attacks.  (click here for a description of the project)

My articles on the Internet and time displacement have appeared in IT&Society and Social Science Computer Review with Maryland colleagues Meyer Kestnbaum and John Robinson.  With Kestnbaum and Robinson, I have directed the University of Maryland’s summer “WebShop”, in which 50 top graduate students from around the country interact with leading Internet Scholars. In partnership with Paul DiMaggio at Princeton University, I am analyzing data from the Internet module questions that we introduced into the General Social Survey.  To examine the data and many articles from this project, please visit our WebUse Project Web page.  This is a statistically interactive website.