Vitrine Table

collaboration piece using reclaimed teak and finished in wax. 

''This hall table is designed for a newly married couple, the design isn't quite devoid of ornament, rather ornament is provided by the inhabitation of surface by daily life.

The slim design is offset by the dimensions which gives the table a strong visual presence and allows for this inhabitation of surface to intensify.

This ornament is provided for by the vitrine cuts into the timber, this allows the couple to populate the table with the ordinary of post, keys, spare change, flowers, pictures and holiday trinkets and to make                                                                                   them extraordinary.''

Designed in collaboration with Stephen Laverty (Architect)

Low Table

Taking a universally distributed load over a surface as a starting point the form of this table is directly derived from the load paths and structure. Analysing the structure of the oak, its hydroscopic properties and grain direction formulated the design. The brass rods allows the the timber to move as it contracts and expands thus allowing the grain direction of the table top components to flow in the direction of the load paths.
Finite computer analysis allows the structure to be tested and refined before the surfaces are sculpted and
finished by hand.This piece is currently in the second stage of its development with its further potential being explored.