Cathal Brugha

In the streets of Dublin city, Early rose the morning sun
Stood a gallant band of soldiers, Each man proudly held a gun
Till the last they fought them bravely, standing staunch and fighting true
In their midst there stood a leader, Irelands dauntless Cathal Brugha

Another faithful son of Ireland, By the traitors hands shot down
One of Irelands best and bravest, In heaven wears the martyrs crown
Till he died he fought them bravely, To the old cause he was true
Dashing forth he fell in action, Irelands dauntless Cathal Brugha

When they battered on the four courts, With their borrowed British guns
Traitors in the pay of England, Shot down Irelands faithful sons
when they called on them surrender, We are many your but few
We'll have death before dishonour, Proudly answered Cathal Brugha

Cathal Brugha you'll be remembered, In our Irish hearts with pride
For the blood you shared in Dublin, Irelands cause you sanctified
When they laid him low in agony, 'neath an Irish sky of blue,
Tell them all I died for Ireland, Softly murmured Cathal Brugha

Source Wolfe Tone Annual 1962 "Salute to the soldiers of '22"