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Doctor of Music (candidate) — Florida State University (IN PROGRESS)

studies with Eva Amsler

Performance Certificate in Advanced Flute Studies — Carnegie Mellon University

studies with Alberto Almarza, masterclasses with Jeanne Baxtresser

Master of Music in Flute Performance — University of Wisconsin-Madison

studies with Stephanie Jutt

Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance — Florida State University

studies with Eva Amsler and Stephanie Jutt

Performing Ensembles

Music Competitions & Conventions

2018  |  Florida Flute Association Convention  |  Orlando, FL  |  Performer - FSU Flute Choir, Raines Ensemble

2016  |  National Flute Association Convention  |  San Diego, CA  |  Performer - Etesian Duo

2015  |  World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) Conference  |  San Jose, CA
             Performer - Brooklyn Wind Symphony

2013  |  The Midwest Clinic  |  Chicago, IL  |  Performer - Brooklyn Wind Symphony

2006  |  Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition  |  Notre Dame, IN  |  Semi-Finalist - Lago Flute Quartet

2006  |  Plowman Chamber Music Competition  |  Columbia, MO  |  Semi-Finalist - Lago Flute Quartet

2006  |  National Flute Association Convention  |  Pittsburgh, PA  |  Performer - Exhibitor's Showcase 

2004  |  National Flute Association Convention  |  Nashville, TN  |  Associate Program Chair

2001  |  Florida Flute Fair  |  Tampa, FL  |  Masterclass Performer


Alberto Almarza, Eva Amsler, Julius Baker, Jeanne Baxtresser, Leone Buyse, Linda Chesis, Mary Lee Cochran, 
Tadeu Coelho, Paul Edmund Davies,
Immanuel Davis, Timothy Day, Philip Dikeman, Elena Durán, 
Jan Gippo,
Alice Lenaghan, 
José Ananias Souza Lopes, Tara Helen O’Connor, Catherine Payne, Marina Piccinini, 
George Pope, 
Gary Schocker, Mark Sparks, Alexa Still, Terri Sundberg, Jim Walker, Mihoko Watanabe

Other Instruments

Flute Family

piccolo, Esoprano flute, alto flute, bass flute, baroque flute (traverso), baroque recorders

Doubling Instruments

oboe, english horn, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone, french horn, piano/keyboards, various percussion

illustration by Peter Speziale

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