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My teaching philosophy embodies the truths that anyone can make good music. It is important not to push students past their current capacity, but to guide them on their journeys - wherever that may be! Such instances leave a bad impressions and psychological effects for years - even a lifetime. Communication, understanding, and genuine respect in the student/teacher relationship is key to what I believe creates a positive learning environment. Students are encouraged to be the best version of themselves, using music as a medium. Constructive methods, diligent practice, listening exercises, history, theory, literature, performance practice, and body awareness are incorporated into every lesson. All subsequent lessons build on what most students have previously learned.


My teaching only requires the student try their best and listen. Methods can be designed individually for students, depending on their needs and/or wants. It is also important that students can operate independently and make progress on their own, given the right skills and tools. This will be invaluable to the student for their playing, whether it is for fun or as a career. Fostering a deep respect for making music and the dedication to faithfully communicate the language is of the utmost importance in my teaching.

Students in the Tallahassee, FL area interested in lessons are highly encouraged to contact me by email HERE.