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Search Engines

Fact Monster: A free online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help for Elementary school children.  Get homework help and find facts on thousands of subjects, including sports, entertainment, geography, history, biography, education, and health. Click on a topic or type a key word into the search bar.

Info Please: A free online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help for upper Elementary thru High School age kids. Get help with Writing, Math, Study Skills, Calculators, Science, History, Geography, Encyclopedia, Almanac, Dictionary, and English. Click on a topic or type a key word into the search bar.  

Webpath Express:A search engine expressly for children. Search vetted websites appropriate for children in grades 1-12. Each website is annotated and tells what age the site is appropriate for.  Students may use search bar to find information on almost every topic). This site  is specifically for students and provided by Alameda Unified School District. 

Google "Safe Search for Kids": SafeSearch for Kids is the child friendly search engine where safe search is always 'on', powered by Google.  Google Safe Search filters potentially harmful material from search term results. The safe browsing feature allows children at home and kids in school to safely surf the web with a much lower risk of accidentally calling up illicit material.

"All Safe SItes" : AllSafeSites, recommended by the American Library Association, is a kid-friendly directory & search engine for fun, educational and most importantly, SAFE websites. There are no advertisements and AllSafeSites is designed with visual aids so that very small children, even those unable to read, can navigate the web site easily.

 KidsClick!: Backed by librarians, KidsClick lists about 5,000 web sites in various categories. 

ipl KidSpace: (IPL2 Kidspace) Search engine with links created for students and monitored/evaluated by librarians.

Internet Public Library (IPL2): Search engine that allows users to look for information by subject, geared toward kids or teens, newspapers and magazines, or special collection.

Awesome Library: The Awesome Library organizes your exploration of the World Wide Web with 10,000 carefully reviewed resources. It includes a directory, an index, and a new search engine. Click here to be directed to their "Homework Help" .

KidsKonnect:  student-centered portal that provides links to much of the curriculum areas taught in school. Geared to elementary-school age children. 

Kids Net: This site includes a Directory of kids safe websites, Dictionary and Thesaurus including over 100,000 words, Encyclopedia with 1 million articles and a Language Translator. A great resource for kids, teachers or parents.

Slimekids: This website offers multiple educational tools including search engines (and reference works) It also has literacy-related resources such as author and book review websites.  

Fact Finder, Computation and Conversion calculator: A search engine created by WoframAlpha that allows you to type in virtually any question, calculation or word and receive an immediate, short answer. For example, you can type in "fall of Rome" or "cups to quarts" or "Krebs cycle" or "30 year loan at 5%".

 ALA/ALSC: Great Websites for Kids: An organized directory of sites selected by members of the American Library Association using rigorous evaluation guidelines to assure high quality content, authority and "strength of character."


Search Engines that are geared to help students refine their topic and determine which electronic resources to use

(where to start):

Quintura kids: This site uses visual cues to help students refine their search (suggests related topics) and then provides links to resources on that topic

Noodle Quest:  This search tool makes academic research both easier and faster.  It will help you find  websites that are the most useful for your specific research.  Simply fill in the short form within, and Noodle Quest will  find websites that pertain. Make sure to indicate that "I am a kid" at the bottom of the form

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How to Find More Information

Choose The Best Search For Your Information Need: Also presented by Noodle Tools. This section offers a list of research tools and questions that can aid researchers in finding the best tool for their researching needs.
Invisible Web: UC Berkely provides an explanation as to what the Invisible Web is and some ways of searching for information located within.
Complete Planet: Search more than 70,000 databases and specialty search engines.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: located on Discovery Education. This is a list of Internet Search Engines.
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Types of Search Engines

Big search engines

These large, full-text search engines are very general, and can be used when you're looking for information on any topic. These Big search engines also provide other services — local telephone and address directories, shopping sites, maps, travel information, recent news, image searching, and more.

Exalead | images | video
Exalead's advanced search allows you to search for "words starting with. . ." Plus, images of your results show at the right hand side of the screen, there are great tips for better searching on the upper left, and Exalead suggests different search terms that you can add and subtract while you're looking at the list of results, and allows you to narrow your search to webpages from specific countries or in a certain language.
Ask.com | images | video | news | blog search | special searches
This search engine suggests topics that may be related to your search – on the left side of your screen, you'll see ways to narrow and expand your search, or look for things related to your subject. On the right, you'll see special results like video and audio files, encyclopedia and dictionary entries, and more. Click on the little binoculars icon to see previews of webpages in your results list.
Google | advanced | images | video | news | blog search | special searches
Google is one of the most widely used search engines; the ranking system based upon site linkages works! Google maintains its own copy (the "cached" version) of most pages, so if links don't work you can still read the information.
Yahoo Search | advanced | images | video | news | creative commons
One search brings up websites, images, shopping possibilities and takes you to any Yahoo directory sites related to your topic. One bonus – Yahoo now looks for your topic in blogs. Yahoo maintains its own copy (the "cached" version) of most pages, so if links don't work you can still read the information.


Meta-search engines

Meta-search engines allow you to do your search in many search engines at once.  With a meta-search engine, you can take advantage of several tools in one step! 

Dogpile | advanced | images | audio | video | news
Dogpile searches more than ten search engines at once. Results are displayed by relevancy, but if you want to see the top results from different search engines compared, you can click on the orange buttons at the top of the results screen. This is a great way to see how differently the Big search engines work!

Yippy | advanced | images | news | blog search | job search
Yippy formally known as Clusty, is a Clustering Engine organizes search engine results from any of dozens of searchable repositories, including the results from several big search engines. Customize your search as you go: results appear arranged by subject for easy navigation.
Zuula | advanced | images | video | news | blog search | job search
A search with Zuula combines results from several search tools at once, with a focus on newer search tools that emphasize dynamic content like blogs, video, and news stories.


Subject indexes & directories

Directories work like a phone book; they list websites by topic. They are created by public libraries, academic libraries, individuals and commercial companies.

Websites are selected and featured by expert "Guides" whose pictures, qualifications and e-mail addresses are readily available. Very comprehensive and user friendly.
Open Directory Project
A large, comprehensive subject directory built and maintained by volunteer subject specialists from around the globe.
Yahoo Directory
Yahoo has been a leader in organizing web information and categorizing thousands of websites.


Special search tools

Some search tools are geared to help you find things on a specific topic (like sports or news), or from a particular kind of source (websites from government agencies, or university publications, for example). There are many subject-specific search tools; the list below is just a sample.
    Search the Web for Sounds. Need to find screeching tires, people laughing, or other sounds?
    Search this site for sound effects.
    Search for copyright free music by style, feel, keyword and advanced search. 
Infomine - Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
An academic search tool, which allows you to search more than 125,000 academically-oriented websites. Browse by subject, or search for keywords.
Picsearch | advanced
            A search engine that's just for images!  You can not put filters on these searches.
Yahoo Creative Commons Search
This tool allows you to search for websites that are licensed under the Creative Commons license, rather than with traditional copyright. Creative Commons licenses allow users to modify, copy, and/or distribute licensed work more freely than is legally permissible with copyrighted work – use this search tool to find Creative Commons-licensed webpages!