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Ancient History

Websites to do with Ancient History in general :                                 (websites with information on multiple periods of ancient history):

Fact Monster's Ancient History Timeline (4.5 Billion BC - 1 BC): a timeline with a short paragraph describing significant events along the way, starting with primeval life on earth, onto paleolithic man/woman, and ending with the death of the Roman Emporer Caesar.
Fact Monster's World History Timeline (year 1- 999 AD):  a timeline with a short paragraph describing significant events along the way, starting with the birth of Jesus and ending with the beginnings of Mayan Post-Classical period, Hugh Capet being elected King of France and Otto I crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John XII.
Art History on the Web: includes images and video from every period of history--all the way from Paleolithic art (ex. caves of Lascaux) to Contemporary art. Click here for a video tour of the Caves of Lascaux (found on this site)
American Library Association's "Great Websites for Kids"-- World History: ALA provides a list of sites with information on various ancient periods of history and cultures including the Medieval Period, Ancient Egypt, and the Incan culture.
"Best of History" website  -- Ancient/Biblical History:  This educational website provides a list and reveiws/rankings of  history-related websites that contain authoritative information for students. It lists multiple sites for each period/topic , including these ancient cultures: Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, Africa,and Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica as well as "pre-history" section on early humans.
Odyssey Online: Discover basic information about Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and sub-Saharan African cultures, includes puzzles and interactive games.
BBC's Ancient History In-Depth : Ancient History in-depth is created by the BBC and provides timelines, photos, and further information about Ancient History.  Explore the civilizations of  Egypt, Greece, Rome, British Prehistoric, Vikings, India, Anglo-Saxons, and other cultures. There are also links to Archaeology in-depth, Bristish history, Bristish timeline, Historic figures, and more.  Also check out  BBC's History for Kids for more information on these culture as well as history-related games and activities. Click here to play the  Mummy Maker game in which you enter the embalmer's workshop to prepare the body of Ramose, officer to the king, for burial.The chief embalmer, Kha, will be watching your work closely. Complete your task perfectly, or he will be denied paradise.

Multnomah Public Library's "Ancient & Classic Cultures" page: Find here educational websites dedicated to these ancient cultures
: Africa, Asia Minor/Anatolia, Aztecs, Caribbean, Celts, China, Early Man & Stone Age, Egyptians, Greeks,Hebrews/Holy Land, Incas, India.
History Channel (list of topics): The History Channel provide indepth text and video on all periods of history. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find a listing of topics by category (ex. Ancient History). Click on the topic you are interested in to find a wide range of information on that subject. Included indepth information on these ancient cultures: 
42 Explore -- History/Social Studies:Why start with a search engine, when you can find a pathfinder to fit your needs? This website provides links to multiple sources on any one topic-- "four to explore" for each topic. On each page you'll find definitions, activities, the 4 good starting points, and many more links and resources for the thematic topic.
Secrets of Lost Empires:  Brought to viewers by PBS. "NOVA crews attempt to ferret out long-forgotten secrets of early architects and engineers. How did they design and erect the medieval war machines known as trebuchets? Egyptian obelisks? The Easter Island stone monoliths called moais? Roman baths? The rainbow bridges of ancient China?" (from NOVA site. April 2010)
Walk Through Time: Created by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Commerce Department, this site offers a look at ancient calendars, the earliest clocks, and the revolution of timekeeping.

Early Humans:

Fact Monster's - the Paleolithic Period:  Fact Monster's Encylopedia description of the period (also known as "The Old Stone Age"). Includes links to information about lower, middle and upper Paleolithic period as well as a links to human evolution and the Mesolithic period (the period that follows the Paleolithic period). Click on here to find out more about Paleolithic art.
BBC's Modern and Early Humans  AND BBC's Neolithic to the Bronze Age  AND  BBC's Bronze Age in Britain  for more information about the practices, characteristics and technological developements of early humans.
Cave Art and Prehistoric Humans: Houghton Mifflin's Class Zone's website that contains serveral articles about Prehistoric Humans of the Paleolithic period and their art.
42 Explore's page on Early Man (pre history): This page includes a basic description of the period during which the first humans existed. It contains links to websites with more information on early man, including the Stone age and Tool Use, as well Habitats.


Early Civilizations:

BBC's "Mesopotamia" page: includes a geographical information, time line, signifcant artifacts for the Babylonia, Assyrian and Sumarian culture  as well as links providing information about the Mesopotamian civilizations' Writing,  Godesses/Gods and Monsters.
The Collapse of Mesopotamia: This interactive site explains some of the reasons Mesopotamia collapsed, with links to information about the collapse of other ancient civilizations.
History for Kids' Ancient History of the Near/Middle East : Kidipede's brief history of the ancient civilizations that occupied what is now West Asia, with links to more detailed information about various civizations of that area (including Assyrians, Sumarians etc).
Mr. Dowling's "Mesopotamia": Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport helps kids browse the world in his virtual classroom. He introduces you to many civilizations with clear explanations,. There are also free study guides, homework assignments and exams.
Odyssey's "Near East" : contains information about the people, mythology, writing, daily life, death and burial, archaeology of the ancient Near East.
History 101's "Mesopotamia" :History Links 101 is a broad gateway to Ancient Mesopotamia web sties. You'll find many links to Mesopotamian Art, Daily Life, Maps, Research, and Biographies. Unfortunately some of the links are to older web sites that are not actively maintained.
Kidz Konnect "Ancient Mesopotamia": contains some "fast facts" about Mesopotamia as well as many links to history-related websites with more information on various subjects related to ancient Mesopotamia (ex. Ur, Ziggurats and much more)
Assyria: an interactive map of the ancient mediterranean, including information about the Assyrians. 
Metropolitan Art Museum--Art of the the First Cities (approx 2500 BC). For general information about this the ancient Near East's artistic contributions, click here.

Ancient Egypt:

British Museum--Ancient Egypt: The British Museum's website dedicated to ancient Egypt. Includes information on a wide variety of topics including, mummification, temples, Egyptian Life, Gods/Goddesses, trade, pharaohs, pyriamids, writing and more.

BBC History (British Broadcasting Company): Details about all aspects of Ancient Egyptian life: Mummification, Daily Life, God's and Beliefs, Hieroglyphics, Monuments/Pyramids and more.
Royal Ontario Museum--Ancient Egypt: The Royal Ontario Museum's site contains concise information all many aspects of Ancient Egpyt including : life in Ancient Egypt (for children, aristocrats etc), mummification, hierglyphics, religion, art, the natural environment and a time line.

Odyssey for kids--Ancient Egypt : Find information about Ancient Egyptian people, mythology, daily life, writing, archeology, death and burial including including a section on the steps of mummification

PBS and NOVA online present: Inside Story on Ancient Egyptian Pyramids: Follow a team as they reconstruct how the pyramids of Egypt were built on NOVA's "This Old Pyramid"...wander through chambers and passageways, as well as learn about how the team excavated the bakery that fed the pyramid builders.

TheTheban Mapping Project: An interactive atlas with commentary and photos of the monuments in Thebes, particularly in the Valley of the Kings. Also contains written information (articles) the Valley of the Kings and general information about  how tombs developed and tomb decoration.

History for Kids (Kidipede)--Ancient Egypt : This site includes information for students about Ancient Egypt's history, religion, government, art, science, literature and architecture.
4 to Explore-- Ancient Egypt: On this site you will find a basic overview of Ancient Egypt followed by a long list of links to educational websites containing information about to Ancient Egypt.
"Best of History" website  -- Ancient Egypt:   an idex of  websites for K-12 grade students dedicated to the study of ancient Egypt
Discovering Ancient Egypt by Mark Millmore:All about ancient Egypt, pyramids, temple reconstructions and the pharaohs. Free screen savers and hieroglyphics you can write your name in the ancient script.There are stories of the great kings & queens. In the pyramid & temple section you can explore the ancient monuments; using interactive maps, photos, drawings, and paintings. Also check out Rebuilding Temples and see how these shrines, to the gods, may have appeared to ancient eye. There is a basic description ofhieroglyphic writing and the Hieroglyphic Typewriter for you to have fun writing your name and sending secret messages.You will also learn about Egyptian numerals and can test your knowledge with some mathematical problems set out using the ancient numbers.
Mr. Donn's Ancient Egypt for Kids: Ancient Egypt related activities and information on a boad range of subjects including history, geography, daily life and afterlife.
History Channel--Ancient Egypt--Read a brief overview of the culture and then click on related links including: important people, themes (ex. pyramids, religion, calendar, language), and events/battles.

Ancient India:

Social Studies for kids: This website written by a teacher and journalist has information on various aspects of Ancient India such as trade, resources, contributions, reason for the fall of the Indus empire, maps and more.

The British Museum's "Ancient India"

Info Please --  Indus Valley Civilization

Ancient China:

Info Please--Ancient China: all kinds of facts about ancient China, including the Great Wall, Confucius, trade, inventions and more.

NEO K-12 kids: Pictures and videos showing aspects of Chinese history beginning with China's ancient past all the way to the 20th century.

Multnomah Library's "Ancient China": Find here a list of child-focused sites dedicated to the study of ancient China. For more information on Imperial China click here.

Discovery Channel--Ancient Chinaread about and watch video about such aspects of ancient China as: inventions, famous figures, landmarks, religion, life and culture.


Ancient Greece:

Ancient Greeks: Created by the BBC, this site provides a look into the world of Ancient Greece. Explore mythology, history, timelines, photos, Olympic games, civilization, theater, and more.
Ancient Greek Civilization: Created by Minnesota State University. Learn about Homer, Athens and Sparta, medicine in ancient Greece, and more.
Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology: Click on Index, then on the letter of the topic you are interested in and the site will link you to that topic.  You can also type in a your search topic in the search bar.

Info Please--Ancient Greece: This page rovides basic information about ancient Greece with links to other pages with information about literature, architecture, religion, cities and famous people.

 Ancient Rome:

 BBC's Roman History site for Children: Created by the BBC, this site provides a look into the world of Ancient Rome. Explore mythology, history, timelines, photos, technology, civilization, battles, education, leisure, and more. For more detailed information about Roman History, including the Fall of Rome  see "Rome and it's Empire" on  BBC Ancient History, Romans.
PBS's Rome: the First Century: Includes a timeline as well as detailed information about Roman Emporers, Life in Roman Times, Religion, Trials/fights for power, Roman Social Order and Writers.

A History of Rome: this site for children covers many topics pertaining to ancient Rome including, Roman houses, slaves, army, warfare, entertainment, roads/trade and more.

Info Please- Ancient Rome: Basic information about ancient Rome including religion, soldiers, emperors, senators,
Info Please-- The  Roman Empire : Columbia's Electronic Encyclopedia's for children (pages found on "Info Please's" database) pertaining to the history of the Roman Empire, including information about Pax Romana, Roman laws, the rulers of Rome, public works/buildings and the decline of the Roman Empire.
Info  Please --The Byzantine Empire: Columbia's Encylopedia's for children (pages found on the "Info Please's database) pertaining to the history of the Byzantine Empire--the Empire that began after the fall of the Roman Empire.
The Illustrated History of Roman Empire (children's page):  This website offers a comprehensive history of the Roman Empire through essays, chronologies, photo galleries, maps, lists, timelines, and more. Major categories include The Founding, The Kings, The Republic, Early Emperors, The Decline, The Collapse, Constantinople, Religion, Society, and The Army. See the Frequently asked Questions tab for information about such topics as the Rise and Fall of Rome.
4 to Explore Ancient Rome:  This website provides links to multiple sources on the topic of Ancient Rome


Kidipede's  History for Kids--"Medieval Islam":   Facts about Islams' history, religion, food, clothing, literature and more. Click here for a closer look at Islamic Art.
Fact Monster's' "Islam" page: This page includes a basic description of the origins of the Islamic religion with links to information about Islamic beliefs, holidays and interpretations of the Qur'an.
BBC's School page on "Islam". This page for children contains an introdution to the Islamic religion, it's history and important events and celebrations. For more indepth information from BBC, click here. This page contains information bout the Islam's history, arts, culture and holy days.
"Islam Kids" facts about Islam: This page for children includes information on a wide variety of topics related to Islam, including: Muhammad, the Qur'an, the Five Pillars of Wisdome, Mosques, Artefacts, Family Life and more.
PBS presents "Islam":  Frontline's examination of the resurgence of Islam worldwide through the stories of diverse Muslims

Ancient Meso-American (Mayans)

Ancient Observatories: Explore the observatory at Chichén Itzá, the ancient Mayan city located on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico or Chaco Canyon, in New Mexico. Features information and activities on seasons, alignments, petroglyphs, mythology, calendar, and related topics. Sponsered by the San Francisco Exploratorium with support from NASA.
Medieval Times
BBC's Middle Ages: an overview of the the Middle Ages in Britain as well as detailed information about people and events of the period.
Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Musical Instruments: Presented by Musica Antiqua and Iowa State University. Clicking on the name of an instrument brings you to a page with information about that instrument, a sound file, and a photo of someone playing it.
Medieval Knights: This site was created by Think Quest and offers images and information about knights, tournaments, weapons, and how to become a knight. Clicking on the To Go Back click here link will take visitors to the index page where there a more links to Buildings, Weapons, Way of Life, People and Society.
Medieval History Timelines: TIMEREF.com offers a history of Europe through timelines of people and places. This site contains maps, text, timelines, family trees, information about the people of the time period and more.
History on the Net--Fedudalism during the Medieval period: a website written by a  former teacher for students and teachers includes information on many historical eras inluding the Ancient World History and Modern Times.
History Channel--the Middle Ages: Find both text and video about many subjects related to the Medieval period including, King Charlemagne, Robin Hood, the Magna Carta, The Vikings, Chivalry, the Black Death, the Fall of Rome, Byzantine Empire and the Battle of Tannenburg.