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Research Guide --

using the Alameda Free Library to do research on a topic

    The Library Catalog: The library catalog lets you look for books, videos, CD's owned by the library 

  • On the Web, go to http://www.cityofalamedaca.gov/library/ 
  • Click on the "Search Catalog" link (located next to the magnifying image in the middle of the page)
  • Select the Kid's Catalog.
  • Type in the keyword into the "Subject" box (or) into the "Word Search" box. Then click on the red Search arrow.
  • Now you have a list of the books about your topic! (The Kid's Catalog will provide a list of books for kids about your topic.)
  • Can you find the author, the title, and the call number for each item? (The call number tells you where to find the book on the shelf.)
  • To find out more about one of the items, click on the title.
  • On this screen there is more information about the book. Can you find the publisher and number of pages? Near the end of the screen is a list showing copies available and where each copy of the book is right now. Can you find a copy that is checked in? At what branch is it? Click on "Request Item" if you want to have the library hold the book for you.  


         World Wide Web:

         The Alameda Free Library School Resource Services page is a great place to start research on the Web  


        Use the Search Engines for children:
    • Go to "School Resource Services" link on the bottom of the home page. 
    • Click on "Student " page.
    • Click on "Search Engines". Choose any or all of the search engines listed..
    • Type in the subject you are researching (search by fairly specific terms and by category, ex. “Cahuilla” and "California Native Americans" (or) ex.  “Red Panda” and “Endangered Species” or “Pandas”)
    • Read the source and descriptions of each, then click on the sites that look like a they might be helpful
       AND/OR  select from a list of websites, organized by topic:
    • Go to "School Resource Services" link on the bottom of the home page. 
    • Click on "Student " page.
    • Click on "Website" link.

    • Once on the Websites page, click on the topic you are researching and or click on ”All subjects”.
    • Now you can see a list of websites with information specific to your topic. For each site, you can see the name (click on it to go there), the URL, and a description of what kind of information you can find there

    Library Databases:
    The library has multiple online encyclopedia, alamanc and magazine articles for students. You'll need an Alameda Free Library card to use these resources

    •  Start at the "Student” page of the School Resource Services website.
    •  Click on the “Databases” link.
    •  Click on a database that relates to your subject. “Kids Info Bits” has information on most topics.
    •  Type in your Alameda Free Library card number and PIN.
    •  Type the words or topic you are researching in the search box and click on the Search button (or) click on a topic and search from there...



    updated 2/2011
    Originally created by Valear Chavez as an example for 4th-5th on 12/2009.