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Library-To-Go Boxes

Is your class working on a project  or doing research on a particular subject?

Let us prepare a "Library to Go" box of Library materials for you...


What is a "Library to Go" box?:
This is a box of supplemental, curriculum-related books, DVD's (or) set of literature-circle books to augment a specific classroom unit or provide more independent reading choices for your students. Your classroom may keep these books for up to 4 wks. Teachers interested in obtaining a Library to Go box, must complete a Teacher Library Card application (attached below) and fax it to: 337-1571.
How to request a "Library to Go" box: 
*please email your specific request to Linda Valler at alamedafree4schools@gmail.com at least 2 weeks in advance
*Library to Go boxes may be customized to relate to a specific topic the class is studying  (e.g., Civil War, endagered animals or planets).
Teachers may ask for specific books or simply indicate a topic and have the library find appropriate books (or a combo of both).
*The School Resource Liaison will contact you once your box is ready (books found and checked out to your library card). You will pick the box up at the front desk of the main library.
Library to Go box facts and policies:
*Using the Teacher Library card, the teacher may check out up to 30 materials
*Library to Go service has a 4 wk checkout period and the books may not be renewed
*Library to Go service is for educators in grades K-8.
*Library to Go boxes are meant to boost or augment your existing classroom library, for larger units or projects
*Certain restrictions apply -- e.g., number of books per topic 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    *A *The Teacher's Library Card is be used for the Library to Go service-- to be used to obtain materials for curriculum support or classroom use only. Educators must use their personal library cards for all library materials checked out for personal use.
*Teachers' Library Cards are kept on file at the Boys' & Girls' Department in the Alameda Free Library Main Branch.

*Library to Go service has no late fees and allows for three lost items a year on a teacher card at no charge. However, educators will be responsible for all lost charges accrued beyond the allowed 3 items. Additionally, if three books are lost, the educator will not be allowed to participate in the Library-To-Go service for the remainder of that school year.


School Resource Services Liaison
phone: 510.747.7708
fax: 510.337.1571
Linda Valler,
Aug 31, 2010, 9:08 AM