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 Book Suggestions:

Award Books

Books by Grade Level available at the Alameda Free Library

Staff Recommendations (about one list per month)

Book Pairs: Non Fiction books paired with related Picture Books 

California Department of Education's Reading Lists (you can find books based on genre, theme, language, or grade-level)

Books Lists from Other Libraries  (organized by genre and grade)--includes books in a series AND books for teens

(includs notable new books, searchable lists,  and books that were used for Library storytimes)
"Book and a Hug": Kids ages 1-14 yrs can search for a book based on theme/category and reading-level (includes read-alikes and recommenced reads, as well as a place to review any book).

Scholastic Book Wizard: Use this tool to find a book by Reading Level or Grade Level or  to find "Read-Alikes"

Book Lists from other organizations