Sangha Meetings

We are dedicated to making a space available in Alameda for all people to meditate and explore the dharma.
Everyone is welcome to attend our Sunday evening meetings and other events.  There is no charge or fee for attending.  According to the ancient tradition of Theravada Buddhism, we practice dana, the mindful generosity that opens the heart. We provide donations baskets so those who attend can practice dana in turn and keep the sangha going so that others can also attend freely.  Donations are not tax deductible.  

Starting Jan 2020, Alameda Sangha meets at Swings & Wings, 2307 Blanding Ave., Ste E in  Alameda (near the Park St Bridge).  This is an accessible space. For the location, see this Map. If you have any questions, Contact Us.   Also, there are often Deaf interpreters present, so check the Home page for this icon: 

We sit on plastic folding chairs. You may wish to bring a thin cushion for comfort. Or, feel free to bring your own equipment for sitting on the floor.

The Sunday evening meeting begins at 7 pm and lasts an hour and a half.  Its format can vary, but generally we meditate, have a dharma talk and then general discussion.  Participation in the discussion is optional of course, but encouraged in order to build community, and we hope that, whenever you come, you will feel part of and supported by our sangha.

You can sign onto our e-mail list when you come on Sunday night, or go to Contact Us to sign up.  We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. Please join us.