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Remembering Pauletta

Pauletta Chanco died on June 5, 2017, just over a week after giving her last dharma talk from the couch in her home.  During her journey with cancer, Pauletta kept a journal on Caring Bridge.  If you want to read it in rememberance of her, please follow the steps below.
  1. The direct link to Pauletta's CaringBridge site is: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/paulettamc
  2. If you do not already have a CaringBridge account, you will likely be asked to enter your email address and create a password.
  3. Pauletta's page has a password specific requirement and that password (without the slashes// and question marks ??) is: metta//13??

Sangha Support Sessions

To provide a supportive space to share memories and feelings about Pauletta's life and death, Deb and Rebecca will hold Support Sessions every two weeks from 6:00 to 6:50 pm, beginning June 11, 2017 and continuing as long as there appears to be a need for them.  Each of these sessions will be announced in the sangha's weekly email.

The Flower Poem for Pauletta 

The day before her death, members of the sangha joined in reading The Flower Poem for Pauletta.  The recording can be heard here

 Pauletta's List of "Things I Took for Granted" 
  1. Having a healthy constitution and no disability.  Showering, brushing teeth, putting in contacts are major tasks.
  2. Planning trips 6-8 months in advance assuming it will take place and all will go well.
  3. Having to reschedule my week because the oncologist wants to schedule a treatment so I have to reschedule or cancel appointments.
  4. Being able to eat anything I wanted except for super rich food or dessert.
  5. Planning for being around for my kids’ milestones.
  6. Not always having a bald head, brown, ugly nails, and cancer fluid filled belly.
  7. Never being tired all the time.
  8. Always being able to enjoy sex.
  9. Running up and down stairs.
  10. Dancing.