Outreach Activities

Who We Are 
Our growing Buddhist Sangha (community) in Alameda, CA, is working hard to become fully accessible to members of the Deaf community in the Bay Area.

What We Do
Our Sangha meetings consist of group meditations, Dharma talks about Buddhist teachings and how they apply to everyday life, followed by full group sharing. We meet every Sunday night from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

Meetings with confirmed ASL interpreters have our ASL logo on the schedule. You can check our schedule here

Subjects covered include developing a strong meditation practice, mindfulness, coping with life's stresses, improving concentration skills, and quieting the chatter in the mind. We offer meaningful and helpful practical life skills for those who wish to attend. People can be of any religious affiliation, and need not be Buddhist or seeking to become Buddhist, to take part.

East Bay Buddhist Community Seeks ASL Interpreters 

More About Our Volunteer Interpreter Team
We currently have five volunteer ASL interpreters and need about five more to make our program fully accessible to the Deaf. To our knowledge, there is no other Buddhist Sangha in the Bay Area that is seeking to offer full accessibility to the Deaf.

Our team of generous volunteer interpreters is finding their work a stimulating and fulfilling way to make a significant contribution to the Deaf community, while also learning more about Buddhism. Since the Dharma talks deal in abstract concepts at times, we are seeking experienced interpreters with a high level of skill who are either certified or advanced-level ASL interpreting students.

Contact Information
If you are interested in learning more about this volunteer opportunity, please use our contact form here to introduce yourself to the dharma teachers or introduce your self at one of the evenings meetings. Our dharma teacher would love to meet you at one of our meetings.