Coming Events

8-Month Course on Eightfold Path starts Nov. 4.  

One Sunday each month from November through June at the sangha's regular meeting, 7-8:30 pm, Rebecca will teach about a part of the Path and how to practice with it for the following month. This program will offer ways to personally engage with each of the eight parts of the Path.  For an overview before the course begins, you may want to listen to Rebecca's talk on The Eightfold Path -- Back to Basics.  The dates for each lesson on parts of the Path are:

1 - Nov. 4       Wise Understanding
2 - Dec 16     Wise Intention
3 - Jan 13      Wise Speech
4 - Feb 3        Wise Action
5 - March 3    Wise Livelihood
6 - April 7       Wise Effort
7 - May 19     Wise Mindfulness
8 - June 9      Wise Concentration

This course will be supported by an ASL interpreter.  

Open to all by donation. 

Monthly Yoga Practice with Dina

Dina Hondrogen, a sangha member and yoga instructors offers yoga from 6 - 6:45 pm on the last Sunday of each month, in the church before our regular meeting. Yoga can aid settling in and deepening your meditation.  Please bring your own yoga mat, bare feet and an empty stomach. If you would like to bring props to help facilitate practice feel free, it will help if you are a tight beginner. Donations are welcome.

Dina Hondrogen has taught yoga since 1997 in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a certificate from the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco. She was drawn to yoga after the pain from a chronic neck problem and then injury became unbearable and she had to stop working and dancing. The use of props and in-depth instruction of Iyengar Yoga brought her relief and gave her the tools to heal herself. She became an enthusiastic practitioner, then attended the Iyengar Yoga Institute for two years. Soon after this, she studied other types of Yoga, Ayurveda, Pilates, and various forms of movement and meditation which she integrated into her teaching. Dina continues to be open to new tools and techniques, melding the best into her practice. She places emphasis not only on the body but also works with the mind and emotions which she feels are central aspects of yoga. She is the mother of two and lives with her family in Alameda.

For more information about Dina and her practice visit

Midweek Meditation
A small group meditates together on Tuesdays starting at 4pm and lasting 30-40 minutes. Call David at (510) 919-7904 for directions and current time of the sitting group.