Scholarships & Seminars

The Alamance County Paralegal Association does its best to give back to the legal community that supports it and to encourage others to become part of the legal field. Two of the major ways that we accomplish these goals are through scholarships and seminars.

The Alamance County Paralegal Association offers a variety of scholarships to its members and to students. A $300.00 scholarship is offered to students who are interested in the field of law in any capacity. Registration costs and one night's lodging are offered to any member who would like to attend the North Carolina Paralegal Association's Annual Meeting. For any member who would like to study or sit for the Certified Paralegal exam given by the NC State Bar and National Association of Legal Assistants, there are funds available.

The Almance County Paralegal Association holds seminars for continuing education. Many local paralegals must have six (6) hours of CPE plus one (1) hour of ethics to continue state certification. State and local bar members, local law enforcement officials, and others have spoken on topics of interest to the paralegals. Mini-Seminars are held at the monthly meetings and a three (3) hour block is offered in the spring and fall.

We do not currently offer any single seminars worth six (6) hours of CPE.