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Like Datils for Chocolate

In the beginning was chocolate.  And only chocolate could tame the heart of the fiery St. Augustine datil.

Thus was born “Like Datils for Chocolate”.  A new way of looking at datils, inspired by by the Rose Petal Sauce that Tita cooked for her secret lover, Pedro, in Laura Esquival’s novel, Like Water for Chocolate. 

Like Datils for Chocolate was perfect, or so it thought. Until it met Bread…


Passion’s Flush au Pan

Who would guess that an innocent baguette of white bread would hide a passionate secret?  One bite into our White Innocence Bread and you’ll feel the decadent heat of Passion’s Flush Dark Chocolate, our boldest Like Datils for Chocolate flavor.  But passion was meant to be shared, so share the sensation with that special someone you’d like to entice.  You’ll be tete-a-tete before the last bite.

White Innocence Bread ingredients

Unbleached, enriched unbromated white bread flour, and love

Passion’s Flush Dark Chocolate ingredients

Premium dark chocolate,  passion fruit jam, rose petals, San Sebastian red wine, datil pepper, and joie de vivre.


Maiden’s Blush au Pan

Red devil Bread gives a new depth to the sweet pink of Maiden’s Blush White Chocolate.  Who else would beguile the roses AND the cactus fruit in our daintiest flavor of Like Datils for Chocolate to shed their thorns?  The devil made her do it!

Maiden’s Blush White Chocolate Ingredients

Premium white chocolate, nopales pears (cactus fruit), rose petals, San Sebastian white wine, datil pepper, and dreams of a first kiss...

Red Devil Bread ingredients

Unbleached, enriched unbromated white bread flour, cocoa powder, and audacity


Directions for heating:  cover the baguette with a loose paper towel and heat for 20-30 seconds in the microwave on medium.  Bread should feet soothingly warm.  Add more seconds if needed.  Slice (if you can wait that long) and consummate.