Alain Pagani
Deputy director of Augmented Vision department at DFKI

I am deputy director of the Augmented Vision group and senior researcher at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

My research interests include Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Image Understanding, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning.

I am involved in publicly founded research projects as well as in industrial application projects.

I am particularly interested in 3D Computer Vision and Image-based scene reconstruction as well as in Object Detection and Tracking.

Here is an example of one of my recent developments in AR:

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This video shows one possible use of my pose tracking library pulsAR - here using monocular visual-inertial tracking:

Since 2000 I am working with Prof. Didier Stricker on Augmented Reality topics (see here for an early application we developed in 2000 that combines Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Hand Recognition).

At DFKI, I am leading a team  of 10 PhD students and researchers on topics related to Augmented Reality and Computer Vision. I am the coordinator of the EU project CORTEX² about eXtended Reality for telecooperation, and I am leading the EU projects FLUENTLY about human-robot cooperation, and HyperCOG about vision-based process control for production sites.

I have been leading the previous EU projects Co2Team (2019-2021) about Artificial Intelligence and AR support for flight pilots,  Eyes of Things (2015-2017) about miniaturized low-power computer vision devices and LARA (2015-2017) about outdoor Augmented Reality based on Galileo navigation.

I was also involved in the BMBF project CAPTURE (2009-2012) about 3D reconstruction of urban scenes from multiple spherical images, and  OnEye (2010-2013) about semi-supervised object tracking in videos.

Our object tracking technology is used in several industrial projects and won a Google Research Award (Didier Stricker).

Prior to joining DFKI, I was working at Fraunhofer IGD in the field of Augmented Reality, 3D Computer Vision and Color Calibration.

I was involved in the EU-project SKILLS (2007-2011) about Multimodal interfaces for the Capture and Transfert of Skills and IMPROVE (2005-2008) about Color Calibration of Multi-projector displays.

In 2000, I was a visiting researcher in the LAMP Lab at the University of Maryland, College Park, in the group of Daniel Dementhon.

I am reviewer for different conferences (BMVC, ICML, ISMAR, IROS...) and journals (TPAMI, IMAVIS, JVCI, TVCG, SIVP, JAISE, TIP).

In 2021, I served as Poster Chair of the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2021).

Contact information

Dr. Alain Pagani

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Trippstadterstr. 122

67663 Kaiserslautern


Phone: +49 631 205 75 -3530

email: alain.pagani [at]


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Tracker Fusion Library (Linux)

The Tracker Fusion Library is provided for testing purposes. You are allowed to use the provided implementation/library for non commercial purposes only. For commercial usage (including source code if required) please contact Prof. Stricker ( For implementation issues, please contact Christian Bailer (

If you publish results based on this code, please cite: "A Superior Tracking Approach: Building a strong Tracker through Fusion, Christian Bailer, Alain Pagani, Didier Stricker, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2014"

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