How To Measure For Carpet

how to measure for carpet
  • any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal; "the situation called for strong measures"; "the police took steps to reduce crime"
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room
  • A large rug, typically an oriental one
  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"
  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something
  • form a carpet-like cover (over)
how to measure for carpet - Sonin 50211
Sonin 50211 Rapitest 10% to 28% Pinless Analog Wood, Concrete, Plaster, Carpet, and More Moisture Meter
Sonin 50211 Rapitest 10% to 28% Pinless Analog Wood, Concrete, Plaster, Carpet, and More Moisture Meter
Contact probes are on a 3-foot coiled cable for detecting moisture in hard to reach spots.
The 10-point scale corresponds to moisture levels from 10 to 28%. Scale and reference chart correlate relative and moisture percentage readings.
Requires one 9-volt battery (not included).
Instruction sheet included
Great for inspectors, contactors, and homeowners
Find out if potentially damaging excess moisture is present
Test hard or soft wood, concrete, plaster, carpet, and more to determine the extent of moisture problems.
Locate and trace roof leaks and water seepage; assess the extent of wet rot and hidden condensation.
Use it to check surfaces before painting, wallpapering, or laying floors or tile.
Helps you to select drier lumber.
Contact probes are on a 3-foot coiled cable for testing in hard to reach spots.
Dual reading scale gives relative (1 to 10) and moisture percentages (10 to 28%) readings
Requires one 9-volt battery (not included).
Instruction sheet included
1-year warranty

80% (6)
River's Plan for World Peas (Part 1)
River's Plan for World Peas (Part 1)
((picture is Chan, River, Aranea & Jaina)) River Grau really thought inviting Randulf here would help him and Conor be friends. Then nobody would be upset anymore. He grinned at his plan and stepped over to the man. "Shh.. I just think if Conor ain't get scared he might not run 'way long enough an' everything'll be good and nobody gonna get scared no mores." Lukash Hallard: "well...I...uh" he scratches head "tossed Conor there ta that Rand bub'n all...but he wus scarin da bejeesas outta me" Guinevere Fouroux returns the press of his hand, drawing a measure of peace and reassurance from it, and turns as he walks away. She takes a deep breath, grinning at Luk. "Hey there," she says with a grin, then catches the last bit about a present. Her brow arches curiously. Conor Nitely's grin falls just a little bit at that. "I tried to throw him my gun but he didn't open the bag. Miss Portia had to save me. And I lost my cross." Lukash Hallard: "hey Gui" he gives Guinevere a smile once he sees her Lukash Hallard: "well" he ruffles Conor's hair some, a smile in his face "we're still alive'n thas' all that matters lil bub" Bailey Longcloth sits quietly playing absently with the clay as she listens to the conversations around her, a bit of worry on her face Aranea Cullen: His hand would slowly lift to try and ruffle River's hair. Almost like a big brother would. "I came little one because you invited me.... however though my vow prevents me from harming those on church grounds, there is nothing to say that they will not do so to me when I would not react." His shoulders would slowly fall. "It is unwise that I remain, little one but I did not want to disappoint you." Lukash Hallard overhears Rand's voice echoing through the church walls and turns to face him "well speakin uv da devil...there'e is!" Conor Nitely crossed his arms in front of his chest, glaring at no one in particular now. "No one believed me anyway. Just like I told Sister D and Mister Teyh about the monster on the beach that waved and no on went to look. Then someone blew it up anyway." He wheel's around at Luk's words, moving to skitter behind him again. Not that it had worked out so well the last time but Luk was the biggest one in the room. River Grau looks around the church and at all the people, not really understanding. "But nobody ain't gonna hurt you. 'Cause it's a church an' everybody is friends at church.. If they try I can get in the way an' tell 'em to stop!" He stood on his tipetoes, turning around to face the others as he stands in front of Randulf. "Nobody is gonna hurt Mister Randulf an' everybodies are friends, right?" Lukash Hallard chuckled at Conor's ways "duntchye worry kid he's a cool chap, talked ta him already he ain't gunna harm ye none...I uh...guess" he looks at Rand, waiting for confirmation "right Rands?" both brows arched Jaina Lefevre edges closer to Bailey...practically crawling into her lap. "S'too many angries and sads..." Bailey Longcloth wraps an arm around the girl "No one is angry here love, nothing for you to fret about" Iohannes Crispien nods to Eaomn, and then heads over to the pillar, watching Bails with the girl, slightly smiling. Aranea Cullen: He would bow his head with a deep sigh as the little one would almost seem to protect him. His head would turn slowly like a vulture from behind the boy to peer at Luk. "The children have nothing to fear from me, as I have said before, I am indeed someone to be feared but never by the children, and it pains me the boy still fears and bends ears to try and bring about my downfall.... dispite my earnest appologies, my regrets for my insanity... and my attempts to make amends that have gone unforgiven or noticed. " He takes a deep breath. "The boy has nothing to fear from me." Jaina Lefevre looks at Luk and gives him a little smile, eyes still wide and frightened as she takes in the Piper man and River. "I don't wants no chokes. A man on th'boats did that and it hurts." she whispers to Bailey. Aranea Cullen: "Especially on grounds that I am forbidden to harm anyone." His head would tilt at Luk's question, clarifying further. "The Children" he almost growls. "have nothing to fear from me. " Bailey Longcloth takes her phone out as it buzzes looking down at the message on it, she'd look over to Jaina "I've got to go love, my own little ones want me to tuck them in. Why don't you go over with the Sr" she'd stand and look over at Ioh wondering if he should stay with Elise Lukash Hallard snaps his fingers at Randulph's answer "crap!" Conor Nitely scoots backwards a little more, one shaky hand pointy out. "Liar. You weren't crazy yet. I saw you later. After you were crazy. You choked me before. Yo
HARRY CLARKE - St Thomas Aquinas
HARRY CLARKE - St Thomas Aquinas
THE RUNAWAY ABBOT *St. Thomas Aquinas was a hero of the faith in quite a different sense from the early martyrs who bore witness by their deaths. He was a giant of learning, a tower of intellectual strength, a "master of those who know," as Dante said of Aristotle. He was declared a Doctor of the Church in 1567 and the Patron of Catholic Schools in 1880.* Some miles from the monastery of Monte Cassino stood a great crag or cliff, standing up like a pillar of the Apennines. It was crowned with a castle that bore the name of The Dry Rock, and was the eyrie in which the eaglets of the Aquino branch of the Imperial family were nursed to fly. Here lived Count Landulf of Aquino, who was the father of Thomas Aquinas and some seven other sons. In military affairs he doubtless rode with his family, in the feudal manner; and apparently had something to do with the destruction of the monastery. But it was typical of the tangle of the time, that Count Landulf seems afterwards to have thought that it would be a tactful and delicate act to put in his son Thomas as Abbot of the monastery. This would be of the nature of a graceful apology to the Church, and also, it would appear, the solution of a family difficulty. For it had been long apparent to Count Landulf that nothing could be done with his seventh son Thomas, except to make him an Abbot or something of that kind. Born in 1226, he had from childhood a mysterious objection to becoming a predatory eagle, or even to taking an ordinary interest in falconry or tilting or any other gentlemanly pursuits. He was a large and heavy and quiet boy, and phenomenally silent, scarcely opening his mouth except to say suddenly to his schoolmaster in an explosive manner, "What is God?" The answer is not recorded but it is probable that the asker went on worrying out answers for himself. The only place for a person of this kind was the Church and presumably the cloister; and so far as that went, there was no particular difficulty. It was easy enough for a man in Count Landulf's position to arrange with some monastery for his son to be received there; and in this particular case he thought it would be a good idea if he were received in some official capacity, that would be worthy of his worldly rank. So everything was smoothly arranged for Thomas Aquinas becoming a monk, which would seem to be what he himself wanted; and sooner or later becoming Abbot of Monte Cassino. And then the curious thing happened. In so far as we may follow rather dim and disputed events, it would seem that the young Thomas Aquinas walked into his father's castle one day and calmly announced that he had become one of the Begging Friars, of the new order founded by Dominic the Spaniard; much as the eldest son of the squire might go home and airily inform the family that he had married a gypsy; or the heir of a Tory Duke state that he was walking tomorrow with the Hunger Marchers organised by alleged Communists. By this, as has been noted already, we may pretty well measure the abyss between the old monasticism and the new, and the earthquake of the Dominican and Franciscan revolution. Thomas had appeared to wish to be a Monk; and the gates were silently opened to him and the long avenues of the abbey, the very carpet, so to speak, laid for him up to the throne of the mitred abbot. He said he wished to be a Friar, and his family flew at him like wild beasts; his brothers pursued him along the public roads, half-rent his friar's frock from his back and finally locked him up in a tower like a lunatic. It is not very easy to trace the course of this furious family quarrel, and how it eventually spent itself against the tenacity of the young Friar; according to some stories, his mother's disapproval was short-lived and she went over to his side; but it was not only his relatives that were embroiled. We might say that the central governing class of Europe, which partly consisted of his family, were in a turmoil over the deplorable youth; even the Pope was asked for tactful intervention, and it was at one time proposed that Thomas should be allowed to wear the Dominican habit while acting as Abbot in the Benedictine Abbey. To many this would seem a tactful compromise; but it did not commend itself to the narrow medieval mind of Thomas Aquinas. He indicated sharply that he wished to be a Dominican in the Dominican Order, and not at a fancy-dress ball; and the diplomatic proposal appears to have been dropped. Thomas of Aquino wanted to be a Friar. It was a staggering fact to his contemporaries; and it is rather an intriguing fact even to us; for this desire, limited literally and strictly to this statement, was the one practical thing to which his will was clamped with adamantine obstinacy till his death. He would not be an Abbot; he would not be a Monk; he would not even be a Prior or ruler in his own fraternity; he would not be a prominent or important Friar; he would be a Friar. It is as if N

how to measure for carpet
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