Outdoor Carpet Colors

outdoor carpet colors
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outdoor carpet colors - Learning Carpets
Learning Carpets Airport Play Carpet
Learning Carpets Airport Play Carpet
LC158 Size: 3' x 6'8" Kids play rug is suitable for indoor and outdoor use Entertain your children and decorate thier rooms with the Airport Town Kids Play Rug. This kids play rug is completely non-toxic, non-allergenic, soil and stain resistant and comes with a durable latex non-skid backing to ensure your child's safety. All kids rugs from Learning Carpets are machine made in Belgium and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Features: -Machine made in Belgium from 100pct nylon -Soil and stain resistant -Washable - not machine washable-wash similar to a wall to wall carpet -Able to withstand rugged wear -Durable latex gel skid-proof backing -Highest nonflammability rating in the industry -Suitable for indoor and outdoor use -Ages 2 to 8 years -Size: 3' x 6'8'' Note: Please be aware that actual colors may vary from those shown on your screen. Accent rugs may also not show the entire pattern that the corresponding area rugs have.

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I ran across an outdoor Sign Painter, on N. Clark Street yesterday, painting, actually, repainting a crusty, peeling old Painted sign for Peerless Carpets in Chicago. After talking with the Painter a bit- found out his Dad's Company had painted one of the most visible, most talked about signs in Chicago. Along side the inbound Kennedy Expwy. sits a warehouse building, that in the 90's was used for outdoor advertising by a company called Bigsby & Kruthers- a clothier, that went Bankrupt due to the change in Mens fashion- from Dress- to "Dockers" being acceptable office attire. This clothier had the reputation of being Michael Jordan and many other famous Chicago Bulls outfitter. The images that were painted on this building alongside the KEnnedy Expwy. were modeled on photos- taken by Marc Hauser. One particular image of Dennis Rodman- the flamboyant defensive, rebounding machine of The Chicago Bulls- had Rodman, posed in a suit- with the sleves ripped/torn off- revealing heavily tattooted, sculpted triceps, and Rodmans color-du-jour going on as far as a hairdoo. The image was so powerful- there were many major accidents from distracted motorists looking at these images- and mis-judging traffic.....so much so- that the Illinois State Police asked the Governor to have the signs/advertising taken down- for "Public Safety"!!! Talk about the power of an image. What a legend.
Listen! Can you hear the music? It's a song about autumn, about colours, about joy, about love.
Listen! Can you hear the music? It's a song about autumn, about colours, about joy, about love.
"I have always wanted my colours to sing." - Paul Delvaux quote ................................................................................................................................... © 2010 Cornelia Anghel. All rights reserved. Any constructive criticism is welcome and very much appreciated! Please NO MULTI invitations in your comments! I'll gladly honor a MAXIMUM number of 3 INVITATIONS coming from a Flickr user. Thank you!

outdoor carpet colors
outdoor carpet colors
Waterhog Premier Door Mat, 3' x 5' Ships for $2.99 6 Colors: Chestnut Brown

The Waterhog Premier features: Premium polypropylene fiber that dries quickly to prevent fading and rotting. Clean the mats by vacuuming or hosing off. Long lasting rubber-reinforced face nubs that resist crushing. Exclusive water dam self-fabric edge that traps dirt and water so they stay in the mat and off your floor. Strength to stand up to indoor or outdoor use. Will not fade or rot in outdoor use. Multi-purpose, cleated backing that is safe for use on carpet or tile/wood.

The Waterhog Premier door mat is made from a premium 100% polypropylene fiber that allows fabric to dry quickly. Waterhog mats are also anti-static and can withstand a maximum voltage of 1.6K. Pile height is 3/8 inch Face Weight is 36 oz/sy. Foot measurements listed are approximates.

Many other sizes available at my StopDirt.com website.

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