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Discount Chicago Hotel Rooms

discount chicago hotel rooms
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  • A city in northeastern Illinois, on Lake Michigan; pop. 2,896,016. Chicago developed during the 19th century as a major grain market and food-processing center
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  • Chicago ( or ) is the largest city in both Illinois and the Midwest, and the third most populous city in the United States, with over 2.8 million residents. Its metropolitan area, commonly named "Chicagoland," is the 26th most populous in the world, home to an estimated 9.
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discount chicago hotel rooms - Household Essentials
Household Essentials 7028 Commercial Chrome Laundry Cart and Hanger
Household Essentials 7028 Commercial Chrome Laundry Cart and Hanger
This WHITNEY DESIGN #7028 laundry butler is made of commercial grade heavy duty chromed steel. A person would be hard pressed to find a more solidly built laundry butler. The holding basket is oversized being taller than most for less bending and more holding capacity. The hanging valet bar is sturdy and can handle heavy loads of hanging shirts or pants either wet or dry. The bottom shelf of the butler will easily hold either laundry supplies or folded laundry. The heavy duty industrial wheels are 3" in diameter and feature double wheel locks. When set up, this laundry butler measures 70.5" in height by 23.5" by 20.25".

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In-Room Massage and Spa Specials
In-Room Massage and Spa Specials
PANGEA ORGANICS MASSAGE TREATMENTS RESTORATIVE 60 min - $135 / 90 min - $185 / 120 min - $245 De-stress and revitalize with our unique blend of four organic oils infused with Italian White Sage and Geranium. Your therapist will utilize long, slow and rhythmic strokes to release tension and restore internal balance. REJUVENATING 60 min - $135 / 90 min - $185 / 120 min - $235 Immerse yourself in the clarifying and warming aroma of Pyrenees Lavender and Cardamom essential oils. Your therapist will utilize deep effleurage, petro-sage and invigorating tapotement to sooth and warm muscles and clear the mind. SORE MUSCLE RUB 60 min - $135 / 90 min - $185 / 120 min - $235 Detoxify and stimulate overstressed and fatigued muscles with of Malagasy Ginger and Lemongrass Essential oils. Your therapist will target muscles, tendons and ligaments while striving to release tension in overstressed areas. Benefits include reduced body stiffness, decreased anxiety and restful sleep. HEATED STONES 60 min - $155 / 90 min - $210 This unique service incorporates the pleasure of both the warm hands of your therapists and the heat from the stones as they align and harmonize your whole body. The warmed, oiled stones are placed on the areas of pain in the body to deeply penetrate, soothe and release tension. BABY ON BOARD 60 min - $135 / 90 min - $185 / 120 min - $235 This service specifically addresses the special needs of expectant mothers. To provide extra comfort for Mommy and baby, this service is performed in the side- lying position with pregnancy bolsters. Prenatal massage can relieve tension in your lower and upper back, sooth tired feet and reduce swelling of the extremities. Baby On The Way massages are not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy. PANGEA ORGANICS BODY TREATMENTS ORANGE BLOSSOM BODY POLISH AND MASSAGE 60 min - $155 / 90 min - $200 Relax your tired muscles and restore your skin's glow. Our citrus herbal body polish will smooth and clarify your skin. This naturally moisturizing scrub embodies orange blossom, apricot, walnut and almond to gently remove dulled surface cells. The scrub is followed by a wonderfully moisturizing massage with Chilean Red Clover, Geranium and Grapefruit organic body lotion. COMPLETE FEET RESTORATION 45 min - $115 Begins with an Orange Blossom exfoliation for the feet and calves followed by an application of refreshing papaya pineapple cream. Trigger points are then addressed to release tension. The service ends with a lower leg and foot massage. Hot towels are used during the treatment to achieve deep relaxation. PANGEA ORGANICS SKIN CARE 50 min - $130 All of our facials begin with an Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange Cleanser, followed by an Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean and Cranberry scrub and end with a Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Mask. Everything in between is selected to address your skins requirements. • Dry: French Rosemary and Sweet Orange Toner, Malagasy Ylang Ylang & Linden Flower cream. • Thirsty: French Rosemary and Sweet Orange Toner, Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Cream. • Balanced: Italian Green Mandarin and Sweet Lime Toner, Malagasy Ylang Ylang & Linden Flower cream. • Combo: Italian Green Mandarin and Sweet Lime Toner, Nigerian Ginger, Sweet Lavender and Thyme Cream. • Oil-Rich: Argentinean Tangerine &Thyme Toner, French Chamomile & Orange Blossom Cream. • Demanding: Argentinean Tangerine & Thyme Toner, Egyptian Fennel with Rosemary and Mint Cream. PANGEA ORGANICS NAIL SERVICES PERFECT MANICURE/PERFECT PEDICURE Manicure - $50 / Pedicure - $70 These basic services covers all the vital steps for well maintained hands and feet, including cleansing, moisturizing, expertly shaping nails and polish change. ECOCENTRIC RENEWAL MANICURE/PEDICURE Manicure - $70 / Pedicure - $90 We utilize organic Pyrenees Lavender and Cardamom herbal mixtures to elevate our basic manicure and pedicure into a comprehensive renewal service. The additional elements of a cellular scrub, tangerine herbal tincture and yummy moisturizing massage all aid in restoring elasticity, evening out skin tonality and soothing tired muscles. * OPI nail polish used in service is not organic. To make a reservation, please call the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel Chicago's Concierge department at (312) 751-8100. Terms & Conditions All confirmed appointments will be guaranteed via the credit card used for your room reservation. Please provide at least four hours notice to cancel or change a confirmed appointment. Appointments starting before noon must be changed or cancelled by 9:00 p.m. the evening prior. Failure to provide four hours notice will result in charges in full being posted to your room account at the hotel. All services provided by Windy City Massage, Inc.
A View from the Wrigley Mansion
A View from the Wrigley Mansion
The Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, Arizona is a landmark residence built between 1929 and 1931 by chewing-gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr. It is also known as William Wrigley, Jr., Winter Cottage and as La Colina Solana. Located at 2501 East Telewa Trail, it sits atop a 100-foot (30 m) knoll with views of greater Phoenix to the south, close to the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, which Wrigley owned. Architect Earl Heitschmidt of Los Angeles designed the home at a cost of $1.2 million, in a combination of styles including Spanish Colonial. It has 24 rooms, 12 bathrooms, and over 16,000 square feet (1,500 m2). Much of the extensive tilework was shipped to Phoenix from Wrigley's own factory in Catalina, hauled by mule to the site. The Wrigleys maintained other residences in Chicago, Philadelphia, Lake Geneva, Catalina Island, and Pasadena, and used this, the smallest of their houses for only a few weeks a year. William Wrigley died in 1932, shortly after its completion. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. In July 1992, Geordie Hormel bought the mansion and made it available for meetings, conventions and similar functions. Due to zoning regulation, The Wrigley Mansion must operate as a private club. The annual membership fee is set at $10.00, which is donated in full to a local charitable organization. The annual dining membership entitles the member to frequent dining discounts, drink specials and invitations to special events.

discount chicago hotel rooms
discount chicago hotel rooms
Katie Ridder Rooms
Katie Ridder’s extraordinary palette, her playful mix of antiques and modern pieces, and her eye for unusual decorative accents have established her as a leading figure in the world of interior design. Clients from Buenos Aires to San Francisco to Nantucket have commissioned Ridder to design their lofts, pavilions, summer houses, and luxury apartments. Now everyone can derive design inspiration from her unique approach—whether it’s something as charmingly simple as a coral finial atop a table lamp or as dramatically daring as intense blue walls stenciled in an oversize paisley motif—on every page of this idea-saturated book.

Praise for Katie Ridder Rooms:
“Katie Ridder's interiors are simply sublime—confident, artful, and elegant. This marvelous book reflects her impeccable taste and fearless sense of style; it brims with lush, inspiring photos and useful tips.”
—Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief, Architectural Digest

“Katie Ridder’s imagination has always astonished me. Her work is rich in color and has an incomparable sense of scale. Katie Ridder Rooms is a trove of imaginative ideas.” —Mario Buatta