What Is A Short Sale?


Briefly, a short sale is when a family must move either because of illness or the loss of income and their home is worth less than when it was purchased.

I would like to extend my services, as well as the services of my team, to anyone who needs to sell their home.  Chances are if you purchased your home within the last 5-7 years, and you are carrying a mortgage, your home is probably worth less now than what you paid for it.  You may qualify for a short sale and not even know it.  Why pay a deficiency if you don’t have to, lose your home to the bank or ruin your credit unnecessarily. Don’t wait until it’s too late - let my team of experts help you!


For specific information on short sales, or to see if you qualify, please use the contact form below.

All requests are kept highly confidential.



I have been working with some of the big banks on short sales and one bank in particular that I am working with is streamlining the short sales process by "Pre-Approving" the price from the start.

Once a pre-approved short sale has an offer the process of closing will be the same as a fair market sale.  All the hassle of waiting for the bank to approve the price is gone. The bank sends an appraiser to appraise the home before the home is put on the market and so far the prices have been competitive or better than similar fair market homes in the area that are for sale.

If you would like to see what is out there, just give me a call at 352-870-9929 or fill out the contact form below.  I be happy to show you homes in Gainesville at a great, haggle free price.

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