My name is Ronny Hart. I am a Dungeon Master with 40 years experience.  We  currently need another player or two.

We are playing the published "Age of Worms" adventure path using 5th edition rules in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting.

The group meets on Friday evenings. Diversity and a mix of genders, age 21+, is the intention.

The game style is a mix of role-playing, miniatures strategy, and puzzle solving. A tolerant, mature atmosphere will ensure fun for everyone. Beginners and experienced players alike are welcome. I love to teach the game to those trying it for the first time.

Basic Information

  • This site is to be used like a sourcebook for players of my campaign.
  • We are using 5th edition Dungeons and Dagons rules. All players should have access to the 5th  Edition Players Handbook. You can download the bulk of the official rules online here - Basic Rules
  • If you have a book other than the 5th edition Players Handbook and want to use something out of it - ask me first.
  • You will need a set of dice. If you don't have dice you can use this - dice rolling program

Players that have joined our group can edit these pages. Email Me and I can give you access. I will help you get started making changes and adding pages just using your web browser.

You may want to check out my Dungeon Masters Assistance blog : https://olddungeonmaster.wordpress.com/