AWA News Release 2016 Mallard Release

The Alabama Waterfowl Association (AWA) in there 28th year of banding and releasing mallards in their Mallard Restoration Project. Banding and releasing over 150,000 ducks during this time.  AWA has had duck bands being harvested in 22 different states and 3 Providences of Canada.   Pat Dye got a 2 year old banded Mallard that was released near North Sauty Waterfowl Refuge and he got it near Jonesboro, Arkansas.  
This program has helped Jackson County earn the top waterfowl county in Alabama.  Also help our state get recognized as 12th in the USA in number of waterfowl harvested per hunter.  This creates economic benefits to our beautiful county.  If a waterfowl hunter comes from out of state and spends 3 days here they will usually spend $749 you multiply that by a 1,000 hunters is an economic boost.  It has been documented also in a quote by me that “If you increase the harvest and bird watching opportunities the private sector will respond by creating more habitat for their own use, this creates not only waterfowl habitat it create habitat for all wildlife to enjoy, thus helping human environmental benefits.”
This year AWA is banding and releasing 1700 mallards and doing this in a memorial release for Andrew P. Garrison, who tragically passed last March to Melanoma cancer.  Mr. Garrison is one of the owners in the largest residential HVAC companies in this area.   Andrew was an avid sportsman and outdoorsmen, help many conservation groups.  This will be a blue band to Fish and wildlife Service band specifications.   AWA has done much memorial release in honor of area conservationist and done one release at a local wedding for Ashley and Wesley Parton at their wedding in Section having a “Love in Flight” band.  

AWA back in 1987 was founded by Jerry D. Davis, and CEO, along with a few other area conservationist such as; Roy Sanderson, Mitch Adams, John Warr and Gary Benefield.  AWA’s first projects were the Greg Myer Memorial Release at North Sauty Refuge, with AWA raising $800 and purchasing 32 giant Canada geese from a local breeder.  Then Jerry Davis working with the Alabama Dept.  of Natural Resources and the Iowa DNR purchased 16 wild turkeys from Iowa and traded them to Illinois DNR for 220 giant Canada geese.  Then AWA working with other norther state’s DNR such as: Michigan and Pennsylvania and in one of the largest goose translocation project in North America brought in another 2400 over-populated (creating a problem in that area) and banded and releasing them in the Tennessee River Valley of Alabama installing white neck collars on over 1,000.  This 2 year project was so successful that AWA suspended program.  This created special goose seasons in North Alabama and benefited the sportsmen and the local economy.  This was AWA’s first projects then AWA focused in on habitat in our state and the Mallard Restoration Project.  

Jerry Davis and AWA wrote an Environmental Iniative Grant for TVA and won $250,000, AWA purchase the J. D. Phillips land and developed it into a wetland filter bank feeding the Green Tree project at Mud Creek Waterfowl Management area.  This project tied the other Waterfowl Management areas into a contiguous greenway from south of the Tennessee River to 10  miles north of the Alabama State Line in Tennessee in over a 85,000 wildlife, recreation and green area in beautiful North Alabama and south mid-Tennessee. 
Jerry Davis
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The banding and release date is  August 13  Sat. at 8:30 AM at 1346 County Road 11 Scottsboro, Alabama 35768. Public invited bring your kids, we will band 1700 ducks to be release in many places in Alabama, but 1,000 will be released in Jackson County. Much thanks to Drew Benson and the Jackson County Ag Departments for their help with the Mallard Project.  

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The banding and release was  August 13  Sat. at 8:30 AM at 1346 County Road 11 Scottsboro, Alabama 35768. 
We banded and released 1700 ducks in Alabama,  with 1,000 released in Jackson County.
 Much thanks to Drew Benson and the Jackson County Ag Departments for their help with the Mallard Project.
 First day out of AWA Mallard Facility


10 Day old Ducks   first swim
  Jackson Co Ag Students touring AWA Mallard Facility At Farm