mallard release at Caney Creek farm

Pictures from the mallard release at Caney Creek farm.

Mr. Mallard, Leroy Heston a tireless volunteer with AWA, overseeing the newly arrived Frost Mallard August 1, 20002.

Boy Scouts of America and other volunteers will band and release these ducks August 3, 2002. 

This carries out the AWA Doctrine "Increase the mallard harvest and bird watching opportunity, and the private sector will respond and develop habitat to help all wildlife and our human environment."

AWA had booked an increase of Mallard Restoration Program (MSP) orders, however due to a drought where Frost Waterfowl raises the ducks, low egg production occurred. AWA had to cut all orders by 50 percent this made AWA's 2002 MRP program of 1250 ducks, with 350 going to South Alabama near Montgomery.

AWA would like to thank all the MSP participants and volunteers for their hard work and patience this year.

pictures from the mallard release at the Phillips Wildlife Demonstration Area

Thank you to Boy Scout Troop 73

AWA Alabama Waterfowl Association