AWA Significant Accomplishments

AWA is a member of the North American Waterfowl Federation (NAWF)

**  AWA Worked to Help Establish the January 31 Framework
AWA worked with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources,  James Cummins of the Mississippi Wildlife Foundation, and Senator Trent Lott (R- MS) to allow the Alabama waterfowl hunters to have a fair and equal opportunity to harvest the waterfowl resource in our state.
**  Conservation Habitat Seed Program:
AWA has distributed enough seeds in the last four years to plant over 170,000 acres in Alabama. Over 650,000 pounds of wheat was distributed during the fall of 1998.

Nationwide, this program has planted over 1.5 million-acre of wildlife food plots since its inception four years ago.  This was accomplished by providing seeds at a fraction of the retail value. This habitat enhancement is at zero cost to the taxpayers.

**  Giant Canada Goose Relocation Project: 
With the cooperation of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the relocation of 2,500 giant Canada geese has been accomplished.  AWA obtained the permits from the USDA and USFWS and furnished volunteers for these relocation projects and entirely funded this project.  The Canada geese were banded, white neck collars installed on many of the geese, and then released in the Tennessee River Valley (TRV) of Alabama.

**  Trail of Tears Designation through Alabama and the Commemoration Day and Motorcycle Ride: 
AWA spearheaded legislation with the cooperation of the Alabama Indian Affairs Commission, ADCNR and ALDOT and passed legislation as a Joint House Resolution 95-346, signed by Governor James, July 13, 1995. This developed a Trail of Tears Corridor on and along the Tennessee River of Alabama, and marked an overland route that follows closely to U. S. Highway 72 from Ross’ Landing in Chattanooga, Tennessee to Waterloo, Alabama.   The 1998 Trail of Tears Commemoration Day was attended by over 40,000 (15,000 motorcycles) people bringing in well over 2 million dollars into Alabama and Tennessee on this 3 day event.

**  Wetlands and Waterfowl Education Center and Marshall County Wildlife Management Area:
AWA developed 37 acres into a greentree reservoir and cropped wetlands habitat for a bio-diverse habitat for local and migratory wildlife.  This will be the AWA Headquarters and will be a place for people and school children to come and learn the history and importance of wetlands. Also, this will serve as a youth hunting and training area. AWA will promote hunting as part of Alabama’s natural heritage.  This facility will also promote training youth  in conservation and hunting, creating a diversity in their interest and hobbies.

**  Wild Mallard Release and Banding Project:
The wild mallards are raised from one-day-old to Release Day (35 days old) banded, and then released in several areas in Alabama.  AWA has banded and released over 35,000 mallards. AWA uses only genetically engineered Frost Waterfowl Trust Wild Mallards for this project.  AWA has been involved in this worthwhile endeavor for several years, proving these are the most desirable (as far as genetics are concerned) for releasing mallards into the wild.

The band data AWA has collected is forwarded to the ADCNR.
**  Construction, Placement & Maintenance of Wood Duck Nesting Boxes:
AWA has been responsible for the oversight of approximately 500 Wood Duck Nesting Boxes in North Alabama in the past 12 years.  AWA is currently working Joint Venture projects with several groups on additional Wood Duck Habitats.


**  AWA worked to restore the Bald Cypress tree back to the Tennessee River Valley of Alabama:
AWA planted over 1500 Cypress trees during the last three years. ( The cypress was almost eliminated when TVA backed up the water, to create all the hydro electric facilities in North Alabama.)


**  Other Accomplishments:
AWA representatives have served on the legislative committee on Forever Wild Land Trust.
AWA worked and help formulate input and supported the Conservation Language in the 1996 Farm Bill, particularly the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program(WHIP).  AWA is supporting the Team With Wildlife legislation in Congress now.
AWA spearheaded the legislation for the Trail of Tears Corridor of North Alabama.
AWA's CEO  is on the Board of Directors with the North American Waterfowl Federation (NAWF).
1991 Governors Award - Conservation Organization of the Year.

1999 EPA Certificate of Appreciation in Recognition of Commitment to the Protection and Restoration of the Nation's Water Resource.