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Cooper Tire Discoverer Atr

cooper tire discoverer atr
    cooper tire
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My August Life: Day 17 (bang!)
My August Life: Day 17 (bang!)
After a bit of deliberation, went with an unplanned activity today. On the way to Cohunu wildlife park today, BANG! The rear left (the other left) tyre blew. Right then, about the tyres, Cooper Discoverer ATRs come with this blurb... NOW 90,000 kms GUARANTEED* Tests show the new Cooper ATR gives you 26.7% more mileage. The famous mileage guarantee* is now up to 90,000kms. Plus the new technology means you are even less likely to get a puncture, flat tyre or a blow out at speed. It’s technology like this that makes Cooper Tires Australia’s fastest growing name in 4x4 tyres. Two key outcomes: * I need to drive faster, coz they won't blow at speed * Cooper should have a new tyre on the way coz these are only 5000km old :)
we killed 2 birds with 1 stone, we took my dad's seqouia out for a new set of Cooper Discoverer ATR's, surprised what kind of deal you can get when you need 8 tires!

cooper tire discoverer atr
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