A  l  a  b  a  m  a     D  a  n  '  s

F r i e n d 's   a n d   F a m i l y



Telling stories about our friends, family and lives is an important part of traveling.  I wanted to dedicate a portion of my web site to pictures of my family and friends so that as I meet new friends and tell them stories from back home, they will be able to put a face with the different people that I describe.  Unfortunately I did not have time to include everyone, so please do not be offended if your photo did not make it on this page.   The photos I included are of my immediate family and the people who I have spent the most time with over the past few years.   









This is a my mom, my sister, I taken at my mom's birthday party just before I left town.















My niece Isabella and nephew Charlie.






















My mom wearing her new cowgirl hat she got for Chrismtas.








My sister Kerri Sutherland holding her son (my godson and nephew) Charlie. 














My brother in Law Scott Sutherland catching his first shark while we were fishing in Florida.














This is my grandparents, both Italian and head of a family with five children, 18 grand children and eight great grand children.  Unfortunately my  grandfather passed away a couple of years ago while I was traveling through Italy.  My grandmother however is probably asking when I am coming home as you read this.











My cousin Tony and I.  After growing up three doors down from me, he is more like a brother than a cousin.












This is a picture of my one of my best friends Bay and I in Yosemite national park.  We became friends in architecture school at Auburn and like me, she loves to travel.  Bay and I used to take my motorcycle up to North Carolina and Tennessee and ride all the time during college.  After college, she moved to Phoenix but we still managed to travel places together including Ireland, the Grand Canyon, Washington D.C., Yosemite National Park, and Colorado.  Now she is married and living in New York.  Her husband doesn't mine me sleeping on the couch when I come to visit so we still get to hang out every now and then.   









Here is Bay standing along side my old motorcycle back in college.  This was taken during one of our hiking and riding trips to the Tennessee and North Carolina area.








On the last leg of the journey up to the top of half dome at Yosemite National Park, Bay held on to the chain tightly.  I didn’t think she was going to forgive me for dragging her on an 18 mile day hike from Glacier Point to the top of half dome and back.  I think her knees are still suffering from this day.  Well worth the hike to get to the top.











From left to right, my friends Justin, Jason, Jonathan and me in the front a few years back at Jonathan’s old apartment in D.C.









Halloween, 2005.  My friend John decided to be something called a quail boy.  I guess I am too old to know what that is.  My cube mate from work Stephanie is in the picture with him.  She has been at our office for about five years and has become one of my closest friends. 





 More friends and family pictures