A  l  a  b  a  m  a     D  a  n  '  s

     T  r  a  v  e  l     L  o  g

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made

all the difference.

Robert Frost     The Road Not Taken
US poet (1874 - 1963)
12 Apostles,  Southern Ocean- Australia (May 2000)


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The Blue Ridge Parkway, near Asheville, North Carolina (October 2005)

 Welcome to my travel log!

If you don't already know who I am,  my name is Dan Fritts.  I am from Birmingham, Alabama where I recently resigned from my job as an architect to pursue a dream of taking an opend ended trip around the world.  I use the term "Alabama Dan" because  so many people I have met travelling in the past after knowing me for a few days have given me that nickname.  It seems like a good way to get people to remember my web site,  email address and who I am.  The reason I started this website is to help my friends and family keep up with me while I am travelling.  It will also give all of the new people I meet a chance to find out more about me and what my friends, family and life back home are like.  I hope to update the site as often as possible with new Journal entries and photographs every chance I get.  You can find out about my current  travel plans and my current location in my journal and  I will also be posting photos of all of the places I have been in my photo albums as well.  Please feel free to comment on the photos or journal entries as you see fit and drop me a line in my guestbook anytime you stop by the site.    I will miss alll of my firends and family back home while I am gone so please email me often and let me know how everyone back home is doing!

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