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Education Resources

Autism Education Resources
Links for Alabama Public School Systems, Private Schools, Homeschooling in Alabama, Education Consultation, Free Educational Resources available on the internet and other educational tools.

Community Education Resources
Listing of free resources available on the internet to share with members of the community to raise awareness and educate those that may interact with individuals and/or families affected by autism.  Among the areas represented are - general information, libraries, churches, barbers/hairstylists, restaurants, and medical and emergency professionals.

Web Conference, Training, and Other Reference Material
Links to free resources on the web such as Penn State Autism Conference video webinars, free autism e-books,  presenter materials for conferences, and other autism education reference materials.

Free Internet Autism Modules

Online learning modules written by ASD experts from across the U.S.  - Covers such topics as assessment and identification of ASDs, recognizing and understanding behaviors and characteristics, transition to adulthood, employment, and numerous evidence based practices.

Alabama Resources

Autism Society of Alabama Resource Directory
Extensive list of statewide resources from the Autism Society of Alabama including: Advocacy, Assistive Technology, Attorneys/Legal Info, Behaviorial Intervention, Biomedical Treatment, Camps and Recreation, Community Supports for Adults, Dentists, Faith, Financial, Government Agencies, Information and Support, Medical/Diagnostic, Outpatient OT and PT, Outpatient Speech and Language Therapy, Physicians, Pre-school services, Private/Non-Public Schools, Psychology and Psychiatry, Related Health Organizations, Respite, and School Consultation.

Alabama Autism and Asperger's Statewide Network Resource List
Information on several resources for autism and related conditions around the state including sensory integration support groups, Alabama public schools special education contact information, early intervention, state rehabilitative services, state developmental disabilities planning council, state department of mental health, ADAP, United Cerebral Palsy, ARC and more...

Camps and Recreation Resources

Sports and Recreation 2010
Listing of available programs in 2010 including camps, day camps, baseball/softball, swimming, bike riding, bows and arrows, horseback riding, Special Olympics, and art programs.

Camps and Recreation Links
Information on recurring/ongoing programs as well as autism friendly recreational locations such as petting farms and beaches.

Age Specific Resources

Early Intervention Links
Contact information for state coordinator of Early Intervention Services; Listing of Questions and Answers about Early Intervention

Teenage/Adult/Transition Links
Information about Autism Transition Services

Diagnosis/Treatment/Medical Resources

Assessment Links

Various rating scales, checklists, and other ASD assessment and screening tools.

Diagnosis & Treatment Links
Alabama diagnosis and treatment resources as well as research and treatment information available on the internet.  Covering such treatments as ABA, Pivotal Response Training, PECs, Floortime and biomedical.

List of Doctors that Treat ASD
List of Doctors in Alabama and surrounding areas that treat patients with ASD.

Medicine Ratings

RSS feed of a site that provides ratings for medications.

Advocacy Resources

Advocacy Links
Information about ADAP (Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program) including link to "Special Education in Alabama: A Right Not a Favor" and information about seclusion and restraints; Autism Society of Alabama; Autism Society of America; Autism Speaks; Vote4Autism (Advocacy project of Autism Society of America); AutismVotes (Advocacy project of Autism Speaks);, and Wright's Law

Sample Request Letters
Topics include:  Teacher Qualification, School Record Request; Request for Qualified Teacher-Aide; Prior Notice/Refusal of Service; Methodology Request; Due Process Hearing Request; Technological Assessment; Sufficient Timefor IEP; Revised IEP; Request Assessment Prior to IEP; Prior Notice for Proposed Services; Independent Evaluation and 60 day Special Ed Complaint

Family Support Resources

Financial Support Links
Links to agencies that provide financial support to families such as the ACDD Consumer Involvement Fund and the Alabama Autism Assistance Program

Respite Care Links
Listing of Respite Resources including the United Cerebral Palsy Hearts Respite program and the Alabama Lifespan Respite Resource Network.

Churches With Special Needs Sunday School

Alabama Support Group Networks
Listing and contact information for  autism support/networking groups throughout the state of Alabama from the Autism Society of Alabama.


Other Special Needs and Associated Conditions Links
Information pertaining to Down's Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Seizures/Epilepsy, and general special needs information

Asperger's Specific Resources
Listings of Asperger specific groups and supports.

Autism Products

Links to various products and services related to Autism.

Member Websites/Links

Links to internet websites and articles by network members or about the network.