Post Membership Information

If you have any questions,
contact one of the 2nd District Membership Team listed below:

Don Arns- 2nd District Membership Chairman &
2nd District Vice Commander (Clinton & Scott Counties) 
Gerald "Rob" Roben- 2nd District Vice Commander (Dubuque & Jackson Counties) 
Lyle Andersen- 2nd District Vice Commander (Linn & Jones Counties)

New National Membership Incentives
National has announced new membership incentives for Posts
and Departments.  They are effective from 1 December 2018 thru
8 May 2019.  To find out what they are, click here.

Door Hangers
Want to try something new in your recruiting efforts?  How about door hangers?  National
has come up with a fillable template you can use.  Once filled in, you can either use your
Office Depot/Office Max discount (click here for information on the discount) to have 
them printed, or purchase the blank hangers at an office supply
store and print your own.

To view, fill in and download the PDF format template, click the image above.

National Membership webpage
National has created a new page on their website.  The "Membership" page
has various information aimed at helping you with your recruiting and retention
efforts.  Everything from why a Veteran should join our organization to videos that
will give you tips to help you with your efforts.  To go to the page, click here.

Membership Year 2019 2nd District Membership Reports:

Access Granted
This is a new publication released during the 2015 National Membership Workshop.
The document gives advice and guidance on how to access military installations
for the purpose of letting service members know about the many benefits and
programs available from The American Legion.  To view and download the
publication, click the image above.

Membership Team Training Guide
You get a list of potential members, whether it's a 729 list or maybe a listing
of Veterans in your area, and then you what?  One answer is to
give the potential Legionnaire a call, but what do you say?  Or maybe you are
trying to entice a former member to return to your Post.  But again, what do
you say?  National's Membership Team Training Guide has a couple of scripts
that you might want to use.  To read and download the guide, click here.

Want to renew your 2019 dues online,
click the button above.

Paid Up For Life (PUFL)
Effective 1 July 2015, the paper PUFL applications with rate chart dated
October 2009 will no longer be accepted.  To become a PUFL member, click
the link below and follow the instructions.  You will then have the option to 
print an application for mailing or pay online.


Honorary Life Membership Award
There is a Legionnaire in your Post who has stepped forward whenever
help was needed.  No matter the need or the season.  Their effort is such
that your Post has decided to award them an Honorary Life Membership.
Now you'd like to let Legionnaires outside your Post know about this honor.
Download, complete and submit the form below and your Honorary Life
member's name will be listed in The American Legion Magazine.