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Welcome to The American Legion, Department of Iowa,
2nd District AWARD WINNING website!!
The 2nd District is comprised of 47 Posts in Scott, Clinton, Jackson, 
Jones, Linn and Dubuque Counties.  The 2nd District is the largest
in Iowa with over 7,000 members.
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Medal of Honor Graphic Novels
AUSA is publishing a series of graphic novels portraying the actions that caused
recipients to be awarded the Medal of Honor.  The novels are created by a team of
professional comics book writers and artists.  One of the latest to be released is about
Iowa native and fellow Hiawatha Post 735 Legionnaire SSG Sal Giunta.
To view and download SSG Giunta's graphic novel, click here.  You will also
be able to view and download other novels in the series using the same link.

The 2nd District 2019 Fall Conference is now history.  To view the
reports from the conference and a few photos, click here.

2nd District Commander Roger Norfolk has recently provided some words
of wisdom and a bit of his vision of the future.  To read what Commander Roger
has to say, click here.

Attention Post Officers and Membership Teams!!
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war eras, click here.

Deadlines, Ceremonies and upcoming events
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Not in the mood to cook?  Want to support your local American Legion Post?
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tenderloin or chicken dinners for your dining pleasure.

"It's Who We Are"
Michael Peterson
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Miscellaneous Information
Looking for information about Legion Baseball, WW II and Pheasant Sandwiches, Jackson
County's Freedom Rock, 50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration, The Legion
d'Honneur: Knight of the Legion of Honor, M1 rifle maintenance websites, and more?
It's still on the 2nd District website, just moved to the Miscellaneous Information page.

News Around the District
Want to see what Legionnaires from the 2nd District have been up to?

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