Commander's Corner

17 January 2019

  WANTED-  Four 2nd District Posts with people who want to "brag" about their Post at the Department Convention in July as part of the Legion's Centennial celebration.  The Post would choose one person to speak at the public reception on Saturday, July 20th, from about 1 to 6 PM.  The idea is for each District to have five Posts, or 45 Posts for the state, and an undetermined number of committees ringing the large ballroom entertaining the guests as they walk through and go from table to table drawn by what they see.

  I already have one volunteer Post.  I need four more.  The idea is to have someone from each volunteer Post giving a five-mminute talk about what makes their Post special.  That's all, five minutes each time.  You can have props, pictures, whatever.  Be creative - but it all has to fit on one table.

  For example, the focus could be your Post namesake, or outstanding deeds the Post has done, or whatever might be of utmost interest to others.  Please be specific and to the point.

  Those interested should contact me at

  Thank you.

Dick Hogan
2nd District
Department of Iowa
The American Legion