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Vintage French Home Decor

vintage french home decor
    home decor
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Vintage Shalimar Guerlain Perfume Bottle
Vintage Shalimar Guerlain Perfume Bottle
When Guerlain of Paris introduced Shalimar perfume in 1925, it was in this type of bottle--clear crystal with a fluted base and a sapphire blue fan stopper with Guerlain Paris in gold. This bottle, which is somewhat newer, still has the gold label, the blue and gold string around the neck, the gold medallion with a G on it, and the blue seal around the neck. The bottom of the bottle is molded with the words Guerlain, net cont 1/4 fl oz; and the number 6.
vintage french porcelain goblets moi toi limoges france
vintage french porcelain goblets moi toi limoges france
pair of charming Limoges porcelain goblets Moi {me} & Toi {you}...perfect for celebrating special romantic occasion or how cute they would be on bedside table or bathroom vanity as water goblets or vases....

vintage french home decor