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Disco Theme Party Decorations

disco theme party decorations
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disco theme party decorations - Beistle -
Beistle - 50377-S - Disco Ball Bead Curtain
Beistle - 50377-S - Disco Ball Bead Curtain
The Beistle Company is the oldest and largest manufacturer of decorations and party goods. With unsurpassed service and top quality products its easy to understand why The Beistle Company is world renowned in the Party Goods Industry. Our decorations and party goods are manufactured from the finest and highest quality raw materials. This combined with unsurpassed skilled craftsmanship creates the very best value in the market place. Continuous research of new product ideas keep our product lines on the cutting edge of the party goods industry. Because we are the manufacturer you can count on us to have the inventory on hand and ready to ship when needed.Disco Ball - Bead curtain78 inch drop x 24 inch wide

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event pix stork technical services Altens Aberdeen Aug 18th 2011 3ve productions (19)
event pix stork technical services Altens Aberdeen Aug 18th 2011 3ve productions (19)
Stork Technical services had their annual staff BBQ. Each year they choose a different theme. This year it was the circus. 3VE Productions, provided them with draping for the marquee, as well as a bespoke circus entrance arch. The staff at Stork did some decorations themselves and also hired in some PA equipment , along with some fun fairground games. Everybody had a great night. The event took place at their business premises and the Marquee was provided by Marquee Masquerade Aberdeenshire. The date of the event was August 18th 2011.
Peculiar decorations
Peculiar decorations
Some more unusual decos (they may look like condoms, but they are all rubber gloves). The DJs are wearing masks to keep with the hospital theme of the party. Entropy's Hoitotakuu party, Smokki, Espoo, Finland, 28th December 2007.

disco theme party decorations