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Interior Design: Flooring

Flooring is one of a few of the major investments you will need to decide on as your project gets underway. The price range varies depending on your choices -  from carpeting to tile, stone, and wood flooring and the varying levels of quality of these products.  There is also the installation costs to be considered. When deciding think how long you will be in your home. Consider the price value of the homes per square foot in the area you live or will be building. Also what product fits your style, the durability of the product, and the look. These are all vital in making your choice.
This type of flooring has a warm feel offering many textures ranging from soft luxurious to durable indoor- outdoor carpet. The quality is based on thread pile (meaning height), style, to stain guards . Being just a few aspects, variance in price range can be broad due to the brand and all specifics.Sold usually per sq yard, padding and installation materials are expenses to incur. It is considered to be one of the the least return value in home investment upon resale.

Trending today is classy wood flooring. Wood offering a extensive selection from plank widths to colors and grain. Popular board width being 5" is "IN". While obtaining a warm cozy feeling also a great return on your purchase if well maintained. Prices vary as style and product. Colors range from neutral, gray to woven colored hues. Selections to meet your desire. This eco friendly option such as cork and reclaimed wood are a choice for a earth friendly environment. Durable Engineered glue down wood is required for slab based homes. Watch the video and get ready to say WOW!

Gaining popularity as affordable and improved from look and durability, this product derives from synthetic layering fused together also known as floating wood tile floor. Materials being some of melamine resin and fiber board, meet standard specs required. Finishes begin from Rustic to High Gloss with a wood floor appearance. Water, scratch and stain resistant, hygenic, low cost and easy installation make this appealing. Pricing may run as low as .70 cent - and upto $8 sq ft. Affodable installation fees. In a temporary home not a bad choice but little to no value return. Preview the following video.

Stylish, durable, comfortable using anywhere in the home TILE. Colors this year will be light and warm.  White, marble swirled, grays, light browns and more trending for 2019. Lighter colors make your room appear larger. Patterened off set and inset geometric designs shapes and texture create a signature look. Tile is made from various materials. Low maintaince , affordable and broad price range.Good choice for rooms with water contact.

Jaw dropping.... Stone describes. Granite, Marble, Slate, Limestone and Travertine several of the favorites. Durable,  comfortable but not all feel to touch friendly.Some rough heavy floors best placed in accent areas. From tiles, block , pavers and others shapes allows a creative design. Most require special installers. Foyers, half baths, a great focal point for these products. The terrace, sunporch, fire pit etc, slate and Limestone offer a traditiona or rustic look. Mixing materials throughout creates character. Many of these stones high price point. Explore natures beauty of stone in the video.

Be BOLD be DARING! This expressive flooring is Epoxy painting combined with Resin at times .Unless you are adventurous or an Artist I suggest you seek advice.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the video. Allow your mind to wonder, through the "Art" of 3D Water Floor painting. In doing this you are able to allow yourself to be in your favorite place at  home or work  EVERY DAY! Rather it be the beach, mountains, an exotic island or in a meadow of flowers, this can take you there. As they say, "The Sky is the Limit." Be yourself, be creative.

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