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Interior Design: Counter Tops

Countertops: What Choices Fit Your Life Style

Having previously discussed Cabinetry, we are now moving on to Counter Tops. Offering a broad variety from material, color, pricing, Installation, durability and cost all need deep consideration. Again your cabinet selection is a key factor in your project as impacting your surrounding living area color schemes. This is especially important in a house with an open floor plan. A floor plan that combines your family room, kitchen and eating area in a large interconnected common room.
In the following selected article, you will learn the difference between porous, non-porous, nature made , and man-made material. There are options from Quartz, Granite,  Marble, Corian, Wood , Butcher Block, Stainless Steel and Laminate all of which offer their own beauty. The quality will vary in almost every category. In reviewing you will learn which materials are high to low maintenance  and indurance. Each products ability to endure heat, stains, chips etc. are a major impact on decision. The thickness of counter tops also varies which effects factors.

Another key decision to be thinking forward about during this stage is the type kitchen sink you will be considering. Different styles require more or less counter space demanding more or less material. Examples include Undermount , Free standing, Farm House, Corner style and  more. This will be covered later in my site after key pages are formed as kitchen , baths and utilty areas will require   the same thought process.

Counter tops are a major investment in your home. Mixing is a popular idea and may cut cost with a charming look  desired if combined correctly. Cost factor to be considered again. Write down and itemize the most desired places to buget your highest valued areas.

Soap Stone:
A wonderful choice of many and different. The video below provides you important information. Beauty, durable and all you could ask!  Price range approximately $80 - $120 per sq foot. A major investment, but lasts a lifetime!

Recycled Glass and Cement : 
Beautiful and pre-designed or custom-made  ranging from  beer bottles or your favorite liquors or colors. Eco friendly, porous, handles stains. Not know to be knife friendly due to sealing. Cutting board use is advised. Price ranges from about $100 - $160 per sq foot.    

Engineered Quartz:
Color options ranging from solid, patterned, flecked and more . With around 30-40 color choices, the price point is appox. $95 - $110 sq ft. Blended of about 90% quartz - 10% resin, a man-made material, non-porous making it very resistagainst heat, scratching, some acids, and stains.  Sheets of quartz come in various grades. This information is found upon purchase. This product qualifys as non-toxic and non-allergenic. Another one time investment.

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Granite Stone: 
Durable and nonporous makes it endure daily stains, scratches, e.g. if sealed and maintained yearly. Thickness and rarity of the rock are purchased in slabs. Imperfections are found in all. Prices range from rarity and gage of granite.  Pricing from approx. $40 - $400 per sq ft.  A very popular choice, known for its variance in color and beauty. Durable and affordable if grade choosen wisely. 

Beautiful striking stone, this choice for a counter topping offers stunning appearance . A soft porous rock, known to stain if not sealed properly every six months. Scratches and chipping are to be expected. While heat resistant to a moderate temperature, precautions should be taken from medium to hot utensils. The refreshing look works well with all kitchen styles and color fixtures . Price being affordable begining around  $50 - $250 per sq ft. The delicacy of this material should be taken into consideration of life style. 

Man-Made Marble:
Natural marble stone with quality, strength and beauty. A new alternative is man-made marble. It offers beauty, luster and eye appeal with durability and needs little care. Offering a wide range of color and veining from reputable dealers  some requiring no sealant. It endures stains, heat, scratches and everyday family living incidents. Ranging in price from $40 - $150 per sq ft. Take a look!

 This non-porous product giving a solid seamless appearance blending well with styles of wood, glass, metals, and color choices. Approved for food safety and qualifies to fight bacteria, mold and mildew if cleaned properly. Durable but scratching does occur. Heat precaution taken as well as most other non-porous materials Sink areas have been known to stain after length of time . A ten year guarantee usually with this product pricing around $40 - $80 per sq ft. Study this video and focus on the seamless look.