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Interior Design: Color Schemes

The following are selected links to Interior Design & Decorating Color Schemes you ought to review and pay attention to as your project gets underway:

A well known paint company that was incorporated back in 1884. Their products are widely used by Interior Designers and Contractors They offer a full  product line for all paint or other coloring choices. Their design color for this year is Cavern Clay-SW-7701.

An excellent paint company  founded in 1883.Offering a vast variet of paint. They too offer a full merchandise line for painting or staining. Metropolitan AF 690 Calm Gray  is their 2019 color choice.

 When selecting your paint from them or any dealer, always consider the finish.  Egg shell or light matte and more are advised allowing to gently remove dirt and smudges.  Your trim should be a semi-gloss .       

 Always test three different shades of color chosen. Paint a 4x4 square spaced apart on the same wall. Study it for several days and nights in different lighting before you make your choice. Color Boards are also sold for this purpose.

* Please review before painting if not using a Professional Painter

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