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Interior Design: Cabinets

Prefab or Custom Cabinets is a significant  choice in planning  your kitchen, utility room and built ins. This part of your home will be considered as personality and accent.  Please study the following videos before you make this investment.

Begin by considering your space and how many cabinets you may need. Utilize your space efficiently. Special features are offered for organization of dishes, pot, pans, and other items worth investing in. Glass doors add a open feel allowing you to display choice pieces. Your color or stain choice is a top priority. Warm white, gray, black to deeper honey colors are all great choices. There is a great variety to choose from. The style of your doors, drawers a pantry and possibly a wine rack may add character and additional storage. There are endless options to cabinetry. Out facing or recessed hinges with hardware all coordinated give you the complete look.

 If this is a temporay or permanent home consider price point. Staying in the price per square foot  in your area is important for resale. You may adjust where you prioritize bugeting. Remember the kitchen being one area you spend the majority of your time cooking and gathering. Your rooms surrounding will flow around color choices made. Select the look, color and style you love to enjoy this room.

We are providing the information and videos here to help you better understand your vision of possibilities. Take a tour of some beautiful kitchens.

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