'My' Fashion Design

[Under Development]
Aside from Interior Design, I have a''passion for fashion". This page is focused on personal fashion style with selected apparel picks and recommendations.

I will be posting what every woman should always have as standard article clothing pieces in their closet. Many of these you will be able to mix and match . This expands your wardrobe with no extra cost, just changing accessories!

Trending and very "in" style clothing - I will usually bring to you in sites that are affordable, because this is an area you do not want to spend your major dollars as one to two years is about the length of time they will be popular.

Accessories make an outfit. You need to be comfortable in the amount you accessorize. 'Small or large', 'mix and touch', it all adds to the finished look. The 'basics and trendy' will be brought to you also !

This will be a fun page to visit and ask questions! I may be available to set up a Facetime session if you need help looking in your closet to ask about an outfit as you clean out your closet. I just have to check out security features for us both before I test out that feature!

I am excited about this page as a' sidekick' to the main site. It will be slowly developed, but keep checking for new post. In the meantime, let's begin this adventure, as style is always changing and you do want to look  Chic!

Alicia B. Thomas
AKTB Creations

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