About us

Who we are

We are a community service organization. We are located in the Bay Area, in Cupertino CA. Currently we organize a biweekly event where a group of adults and children come together to make brown paper lunch bags that are delivered to the local shelters / churches that provide food to the homeless / needy.


A person who decides to give back to the community can follow several paths. Giving money to community service organizations is mostly the first answer though not a simple or easy one. The misgivings about the effective usage of donated money can be quite nagging. Additionally, the desire to derive the satisfaction that can be realized only through personal involvement is probably still burning hot. Volunteering opportunities provide much needed relief in that front. When there are enough such people in a community, then a logical option is to come together as a group and identify service opportunities that the group can contribute to. And this is one such group- an organization born through the coming together of like minded people interested in doing service to the community by donating their money and time.