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2017 Promises to be an awesome year for curling in Omaha.
Are you ready to answer the call and volunteer?


This site is not the official Aksarben Curling Club Website.

This site was created to inform people
of upcoming events and to recruit volunteers.

OFFICIAL Aksarben Curling club website:  click here

Aksarben Curling Club is looking for volunteers for various 2017 projects

Blue (contact Aksarben Curling Club....click here)

Green (contact Timothy...click here)

Curling Night In America
(Need to fill the seats!  Grab your friends and dust off the cowbells)
(Aug 23-27...Baxter Arena...the Continental Cup's little brother)

Open Houses
(We'll need instructors.  Talk this up and bring your friends in)
(Aug 29....Holland Ice Rink, Baxter)
(Nov 10-11...Holland Ice Rink, Baxter)

(Remember to wear curling shirts and/or hats)
(The more the merrier...need to work the crowd over)
(Gretna Jul-29....8am to noon....meet at the tennis parking lot, Gretna City Park)
(Bellevue Aug-19....8:30am to noon...meet at the Bellevue CVS store)

Trade Shows
(Remember to wear curling shirts and/or hats)
(We can get by with 2-3 people at each event....just for a few hours)
(Qwest Center Oct-10.....meet 9am at the main entrance)
(Baxter Arena Nov-5th....meet at noon at the ice skate rentals)

UNO Home Hockey Games
(Remember to wear curling shirts and/or hats)
(2-3 people at the west and north entrances...holding signs and passing out fliers)
(Oct 6....6pm meet near the ice skate rentals)
(Oct 20...6pm meet near the ice skate rentals)
(Oct 21...6pm meet near the ice skate rentals) 

(Remember to wear curling shirts and/or hats)
(Just need a pair of people to walk amongst the crowd and mingle)
(Aug 5, Ralston Arena Parking Lot....11am...meet at the main BBQ festival entrance)

Aksarben Village Farmer's Market
(Need a couple of people for this event)
(TBD...we will have an info booth....meet and greet the public!!!)

US Olympic Curling Trials
(Nov 10-18...Baxter Arena....get your game face on, it's showtime!!!!)
(We'll need help in a variety of areas including our "learn to curl" sessions)

(Baxter  Arena,  Omaha, NE)

July 29-30
Cornhusker State Games

August 5-6
USCA Instructor Clinics
(level 1 or 2 certification)
Contact via Twitter:  @curlaksarben

August 24-26
Curling Night In America  (NBCsn)

August 29 (time TBD)
Open House

November 10-11  (times TBD)
Open Houses

November 11  (times TBD)
USOC "Winterfest"

November 12-18
USA Olympic Curling Trials  (NBC and NBCsn)

If you wish to contact the Aksarben Curling Club



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