Meeting Format


There are many different types of writing groups out there with different formats that serve different needs.

We are a critique group for writers attempting to improve their craft and publish their work.

General format of our meetings:
  • Meetings are casual, friendly and informal.
  • Two or Three brave souls will have submitted their original work the Sunday before the meeting.
  • It is expected that everyone in attendance (except for first timers) will have read each
    of the submissions and bring written comments.
  • One of the submitters will be selected for critique.
  • We will go around the room with each person providing a brief critique of the submission.
  • Others are generally encouraged not to interrupt while a critique is being given (including the author).
    In other words, the only person talking during a critique should be the person providing the critique. 
  • After each person has finished their critique, the author is given an opportunity to briefly provide
    feedback on their critique and ask questions. 
  • The group will go on to the remaining submitters, following the same format.
  • After all the critiques are completed, we will determine who will submit at future meetings before
    breaking into individual conversations.

Akron Writers' Group
Akron, Ohio