How to join


Please review all the information on this site before contacting us

Due to the size of our group (we try to keep it limited to about fifteen folks),we sometimes find ourselves with a backlog of join requests and we are forced to be selective about adding members. 

We ask prospective members to send us a 300-600 word email that describes a bit about themselves, their writing and what they would like to accomplish by joining our group. This helps us identify those prospective members that would be the best fit for our group.

If interested in joining or finding out more, send an email to the address below so that we can review your join request or answer your question. 

Send email to: 


<AT> = "@"
<DOT> = "."
Don't use the quotes.

We obfuscate the email to keep the spambots at bay. 

If you are a seller of products or services, we have no interest in receiving emails about them.  This email address is for membership requests and questions about the group. -Thanks

Akron Writers' Group
Akron, Ohio